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Nine Inch Nails, [With_Teeth]
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Nine Inch Nails is the only band which could technically be classified as metal that I will ever listen to (I’m not sure what people call QOTSA, but I just consider that music to beat people up too). One of the main reasons NIN, or just Trent Reznor for that matter, is so great, is because he actually constructs and layers his music. I’ve had people try to tell me how Metallica or Slipknot are very good musicians, but I just don’t believe that shit. Ever since playing quake II , which Reznor scored, I’ve come to love the dark industrial noise and ultraviolence that encompasses Reznor’s work. In fact, I believe a lot audiophiles have found a common vein with Reznor’s work over his counterparts (i.e Marilyn Manson or maybe Rob Zombie). I don’t think that this is because Reznor is not as ‘dark’ as other industrial-metal musicians, but because he is better than other industrial-metal musicians. Trent Reznor is just as fucked up as any masked member of whatever band that fat kid at the mall has on his shirt, and could probably beat them up too. Yet Reznor’s music has a knack for being, especially on this album, drearily fun.

Of course the album is not without its traditional mix of slowly building, distorted piano ‘ballads’(both on the opening and closing track), but for the most part I got what I wanted from a Nine Inch Nails album: Some hard edge and technically satisfying tracks, and more than just three of them. And although Reznor creates songs out of anger, many of them on this album display the emotion almost playfully. This aspect is clearly distinct on one of the must surprising tracks on With Teeth, Only, which is also one of my favorite tracks on the album. The song starts off with a drum beat so danceable and upbeat I thought I was hearing k-os’ Man I Used to Be. The lyrics are almost spoken-word and very carelessly, almost drunkenly (which wouldn’t be suprising with recent news) thrown out. As the bridge rolls I felt that Reznor was making a Nine Inch Nails club track, or a sarcastic shot at it. If Only is Reznor’s take on a club hit, than Getting Smaller is definitely Reznor’s version of an indie song. The opening riff and bridge seem like they could be conceived by any skinny jeans jacket wearing New Yorker. That is until the traditional Reznor kicks in with the breaking voice of “you know I still got my one good arm that I can beat mmmm-that I can beat myself up with-” and a wall of noise signals the chorus, and Reznor again refuses to change.

I’ve heard a few complaints on how The Fragile was much more constructed and that’s ambience held more power than a more ‘traditional’ sounding album on With_Teeth. But I welcomed the assemblage of 13 tracks of mostly hard-edged rock than another The Fragile. I also welcomed the fact that Reznor hasn’t, aside from ditching the more experimental creeping of The Fragile, changed his sound or bought in to any musical trends. I think that the two tracks detailed above show one truly awesome thing about With Teeth: that Reznor has seen the face of modern music, but will continue to kick its ass.

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bah, john!!! i love that you have a blog, b/c it makes me feel like less of a nerd for having one...although i'm still a nerd. b/c i think you're a mega-cool person, and now that we have one more thing in much closer to becoming soul mates (like how we have the same favorite song on the bloc party cd...) yay! anyway, just saying hello...i'm a nerd, and for that i (sort of) appologize...peace!

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Fuck You John.


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Nice comics John. And also go Mets!

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Anonymous Creighton Paul McEleney Sr. said...

Nice Comics John. And also, GO SOX!

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Anonymous he also said...

(The White Sox)

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Anonymous Creighton "The Refrigerator" McEleney said...

You're right, that Futureheads CD rocks. Welp, i gotta go to football camp, but ill be back wednesday for more commenting!

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