Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Futureheads, The Futureheads
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let me prefice this review with a few things a) this album has been out for awhile, and if you have not heard it yet, you're life has yet to be awesome b) the entire idea of writing this review and re-starting my blog came from me listening to this album in my car at a high decibal, whilst musicaly un-educated U of I students looked aghast at my disregard for their game of throwing a bag into some hole.

To me, this debut album of The Futureheads is by far one of the best albums I've listened to all year, and proved far more refreshing to me than bloc party. There is a lot of energy and awesome, short songcraft and interesting lyrics that far surpass most songs on silent alarm. Also, the interesting inclusion of harmonizing vocalization on some songs gives the entire album a sound that sets it apart from anything i've heard in a long time. this vocalization, in which several or all of the bandmates trade off 'doo doo's or lyrics in a song proves also for a very interesting live show that I would love to see. the vocalization also fortfies the bands positsion as muscians, a status that is questionable in other 'similar' bands (like hot heat).

Some of the stand out tracks are the single 'decent days and nights' and the next following it on the album 'meantime'. I also enjoyed the intro song as well as 'a to b'. The only problem i have with 'decent days and nights' is that in some versions(including the video), the suprising and awesome chorus riff is added to the begining of the song. In my opinion this change ruins the suprise and apex of the song. Regardless, 'decent days and nights' is a great and extremely dancable track, as well as 'meantime' and well, most of this album. The lyrics are also extremely clever and sum up how fun this album is. Lyrics like "you eat shit becuase you're stupid and shallow/but i like you when you're stupid and shallow" from the song stupid and shallow are both hillarious and awesome to listen too. the entire lyrics to 'meantime' build up a great story about a man who is stuck in the pitfalls of conversastion, the apex of his argument occuring at the shifting(and head-banging) choruses.

At the end of this album i felt a littl overwhelemed, or at least my interest had tappered off in the songs (save the brilliant cover of Kate Bush's Hounds of Love)There are lot of similar and ditchable songs on this album, and i think if they ditched some of the ones which may have been added for length (as most songs are short), they could have had an amazing and breathtaking debut as opposed to an intialy breathtaking but overcooked album.



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