Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Hive

I was strolling through the Archives at B dot C, and I stumbled upon this little number, needless to say it reminded me of well, every day I go to school. But at least school is more toned down. How do dumb girls find shit like that? How far down the search list do they scour looking for little tidbits on things they obsessively watch. I bet they all sent it to their friends and thought this website with a mug-shot and crude, blunt headlines was some sort of forum for...Laguna Beach.

in fact, I got to thinking among other things, that Byron's site (with all the accolades its getting now) really just amounts to a good resource for Truman kids studying psych.

I used to go into chatrooms when i still had AOL and concurrently no life, and just watch, to paraphrase David Cross, the parade.

Who are these people I see every day and why do they confuse me so much, someone was telling me about a book on evil backstabbing girl cliques called 'the hive' or something, I always thought that was a perfect title for a book on something like that. My experience with this strange t.v watching/predicting group of school girls has been one of aforesaid wonderment but also a great amount of wisdom incurred. I pride the fact that I have listened in on conversations amounting what fictional character they think should go out with whatever fictional character even though they don't exist/have complex lives, and I continue to place myself in this world of popular highschool because somehow I think this is the last time I will see such odd and baffling behavior from the opposit sex. Despite this being untrue, I think I will continue my field study just for the hell of it.


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whats up with the extremely long hiatus?

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