Monday, December 06, 2004

Bull Champion Shit

I thought I would wake up today to find out that my beloved Wolverines were to play the Golden Bears of California. I guess I am Naive. This is the first step to my renouncing of technology in general, especially 'computers'(since this is my second time writing this because the internet is both cheap and this blogger template is more frustrating than 'Hortulus Animae cum Oratiunculis Aliquibus Superadditis'). Every time some scientist talks about how awesome it is that robots they made can do so many billion equations per second and calculate things with extreme precision, I want to show them BCS polls. I swear there this thing is just a bunch of crooked a/o annoying coaches who sit around getting drunk and laughing evilly at the chaos they hath wrought.

whatever, my thoughts are better described by Pat Forde:

(Since Cal's mortal sin was beating bowl-bound Southern Mississippi by only 10
in Hattiesburg, perhaps we should compare that with what Texas did in its last
road game. The Longhorns beat a 4-7 Kansas team by the hair on Bevo's chin,
requiring a questionable interference call on the Jayhawks and a last-minute
touchdown to pull it out.) ...Forget trying to manufacture a title game. Send
the teams to their traditional bowls and let the voters sort it out. (Sorry,
coaches, but in this bowl system your final Top 25 ballots will be public.) If a
consortium of computer rankings wants to award its own title, that's fine --
just leave them out of the king-making process.


Blogger Fitz said...

i'm just happy to see more H.A.L on the internet

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