Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Hive

I was strolling through the Archives at B dot C, and I stumbled upon this little number, needless to say it reminded me of well, every day I go to school. But at least school is more toned down. How do dumb girls find shit like that? How far down the search list do they scour looking for little tidbits on things they obsessively watch. I bet they all sent it to their friends and thought this website with a mug-shot and crude, blunt headlines was some sort of forum for...Laguna Beach.

in fact, I got to thinking among other things, that Byron's site (with all the accolades its getting now) really just amounts to a good resource for Truman kids studying psych.

I used to go into chatrooms when i still had AOL and concurrently no life, and just watch, to paraphrase David Cross, the parade.

Who are these people I see every day and why do they confuse me so much, someone was telling me about a book on evil backstabbing girl cliques called 'the hive' or something, I always thought that was a perfect title for a book on something like that. My experience with this strange t.v watching/predicting group of school girls has been one of aforesaid wonderment but also a great amount of wisdom incurred. I pride the fact that I have listened in on conversations amounting what fictional character they think should go out with whatever fictional character even though they don't exist/have complex lives, and I continue to place myself in this world of popular highschool because somehow I think this is the last time I will see such odd and baffling behavior from the opposit sex. Despite this being untrue, I think I will continue my field study just for the hell of it.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Bull Champion Shit

I thought I would wake up today to find out that my beloved Wolverines were to play the Golden Bears of California. I guess I am Naive. This is the first step to my renouncing of technology in general, especially 'computers'(since this is my second time writing this because the internet is both cheap and this blogger template is more frustrating than 'Hortulus Animae cum Oratiunculis Aliquibus Superadditis'). Every time some scientist talks about how awesome it is that robots they made can do so many billion equations per second and calculate things with extreme precision, I want to show them BCS polls. I swear there this thing is just a bunch of crooked a/o annoying coaches who sit around getting drunk and laughing evilly at the chaos they hath wrought.

whatever, my thoughts are better described by Pat Forde:

(Since Cal's mortal sin was beating bowl-bound Southern Mississippi by only 10
in Hattiesburg, perhaps we should compare that with what Texas did in its last
road game. The Longhorns beat a 4-7 Kansas team by the hair on Bevo's chin,
requiring a questionable interference call on the Jayhawks and a last-minute
touchdown to pull it out.) ...Forget trying to manufacture a title game. Send
the teams to their traditional bowls and let the voters sort it out. (Sorry,
coaches, but in this bowl system your final Top 25 ballots will be public.) If a
consortium of computer rankings wants to award its own title, that's fine --
just leave them out of the king-making process.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

My BCS thoughts

I figured I needed something to put up here while I try and figure out what im going to with all my old politcal vent shit that i dont like to look at. I figured also since (sky)Walker is bestowing my header humiliating my home town's jerseys, i might as well talk about sports, mainly BCS

1. Sheed is awesome
I'd like to start off by saying during the finals 'this' year ,commentators, especially ugly ones, talked about how Rasheed Wallace used to be a troublemaker and was now in a good enviornment, but I did not see him go ape shit during the Battle for Rows 1 through 10. He was breaking up fights as were most Piston players, thus he is awesome.

2. Penn State has got to go
Big Ten football has been a big deal in Iowa ever since Kirk Ferentz's third year, and people (mostly classmates) say they want a Big Ten championship, especially since they did not have a chance to play Ohio State in '02. They say we should get Notre Dame and cut the teams in half somehow. I think if you get rid of Penn State you have two non-conference games and then everyone plays everyone. Why Penn State? first of all they are on the east coast, it a hastle for big ten teams, and the school itself to cart around every away game. They also were the last to come in. I think since the Big East is decimated in numbers, you throw them back in and a get confrence rivalry (the age old, now extinct, Pitt-Penn State). Notre Dame has had their chance to get in a conference as they are now the only 'prominent' independent school, so i say too bad.

3.Rankings (including BCS) are stupid
I got in an discussion with my buddy Kyle, after i was telling another freind of mine that Iowa should not be ranked so high after getting pounded in Tempe (he had told me Michigan got trounced by Ohio State, which is debatable). Anyways, Kyle clarified that the rankings are on how well a team played that week, which isnt entirely true otherwise they wouldnt show their record and points, etc. But he had a point, calling them 'popularity contests'. I think thats true, and there should be two polls, preseason and post-season. Post-Season should go back to the AP naming a bullshit national championship. The BCS is incredibly stupid and a waste of time, none of its meat (like strenght of schedule, which is dumb to begin with) is left and people still dont understand what really goes on. People need to realize that its not worth it trying to figure which out of about 125 teams, is the best. There are way to many playoff options, and people would most likely get upset about those if they went the clearest route with confrence champions or something (just like people saying now that Texas deserves a bid over Pitt). College fans shoulb be concerned with winning their confrence. Football, like the governent, should be localized. People got confused about me being upset this week over The Game, saying 'hey, your still going to the Rose Bowl, right?' I'd much rather win the big ten outright than go to the rosebowl loosing half of the rivalries in one year, including 2/3 of the important ones.