Thursday, November 04, 2004

10 semi-related thoughts

Hope in reality is the worst of all evils, because it prolongs the torments of man

I am mad.

For the most part, i assumed, stupidly, that since the elections were over everyone would go back to there daily lives. I had forgotten about Blogs, and my fellow teenagers, and they in turn lead me to such uncontroble tantrum fits of anger. there is a sharp bite that is trying to impeed me from saying anything on politics, as i have been worn out by visits to my small college town from the canidates themselves, but more popularly ashton kutcher and the like. I could bear that, and the stupid, hatefull bullshit television ads by both sides on the local level. I could stand that. I could stand the beratings by my scholarly counterparts who chide me for my avid disklike of the UN and my "misguided" views on other issues. I put myself in that posistion, so i could deal with it.

I marked Nov. 2nd on my calendar not as the day of the elections but as the day everyone would, frankly, shut the fuck up for a good 12 hours. I could even bear tom brokaw and dan rahter's collective voices, and the collective pundentism and meaningless 'stats' from their exit-poll-pushing anyalists. Wednesday for me, was pretty much void of polotics, i avoided it and focused on getting shit ready for a huge playoff game that night. I was set, it was a slow, rolling victory for Bush and Kerry handled it like a man nothing to discuss, nothing to talk about, no 'midnight judges', no contested states, no florida.

I recall the roots of my anxiety being a thursday night in the 6th grade when i was unable to bring myself to sleep and was consequently mind-fucked by strange thoughts and a later explained chemical imbalance. It is fitting that thrusday comes back to pull at my mind strings again.

Apparently, unbeknownst to me, half of the nations populous, all of the nations colleges, and its collective blogosphere, are completely, undyingly, uncontroabley suicidal, loud, and ignorant. I am an idiot, an utter and complete dipshit for not realizing the sardonic but 'shocked' war that was to be raged on my political senses. First was some girls on NPR, wearing black to commerate the day the metaphorical world had ended, "its just hard to think about all the terrible things that are going to happen" one girl said, "today is the end of democracy", then it was a blackboard in some classroom with the earth saying "wtf America", then i heard that NPR story again and decided in all my wisdom to go blog surfing.

you poor miserable conservative soul, so sorry you have to put up with peoples concern for their nation.

no, howabout their lack of common sense and their penchant for over-dramatizing everything. Howabout people pretty much saying 'i give up' or 'this the end', or even making eulogy to the next limited set of years. howabout thinking that the whole world should and can easily love us and respect us, and that one canidate, one 8 year administration will set that in stone. This administration is so hated, internationaly, with such vile and contempt, that i dont even here about the other "pre-emptive" wars, in russia, for land, which have been going for quite some time. I'm not mad at liberalism, im not mad at all these people who 'hate america', i'm mad that they act like Lord fucking North about it.

We are in a strugle, we are waging a difficult war, people die, but what has bitching and moaning and acting like a child ever done for anything? "its all over", "fuck bush", "four more wars", "democracy has failed" "all the red-states are jesus freak red-necks". NOT ONE of these people realizes that in two years america can have a democrat majority in possibly all 3 houses, or even a green party majority. let me lay it down for you, I wanted bush to win, right now i am imposing my political beleifs on you, i am willing to admit thati beleive: The UN is a faliure, I dont care if war in Iraq justifies war in Iran or North Korea, i dont beleive that a strong central government increases jobs, i dont think the president ist the end-all influence in the country and i know very well: i am 16, uneducated, and raised by upper middle-class, agnostic, conservative parents. I know this, i dont fully understand, i'm haven't been in this struggle, i dont know whats its like. I dont care. I reserve the right to call America out on this whole thing.

The quote seems to imply that no one should have hope, that its meagningless. A lot of times, this is true. Hope in that our nation will crumble and everything will go to peices is evil, Hope in being able to just get a free ride with this dick for four years and then do something is evil. I hope Arafat dies, and thats pretty evil too. I have trouble putting into words the exact ignorance of thinking and moaning about how terrible everything is going to be, how moot it is, how unproductive it is. nothing is obtained that way, pundintism doesn't work, scapegoating doesnt work.

So its sad that Bush is President, it's also sad that we have to regress to toddlers about it.
how human