Sunday, September 05, 2004


I took a sweet ass trip to michigan and wished i had a digi cam, and i bit into a legend, and i came back and ate sunflower seeds and put up that post on jack thompson i think, and i ate some of my dads awesomely cooked burgers, and then school started, and i'm in the 'most important year in high school', and im class v.p and missed the first meeting, and im a humor page editor, and i'm in two ap classes, and i'm worried, and my anxiety is kicking back in, and i havent taken whatever drugs i was supposed to in about 6 months.......

But i got soulseek, and i've downloaded some old shit (O.K Computer, Liquid Swords, Emergency and I, 36 Chambers, Something to Write Home About) and downloaded and discovered a band called Eastern Youth, and im excited becuase i remember i had it, and people at school told me they read it, and then i felt bad. I'm a format whore, and have contstanlty 'changed' what this 'blog' is 'about', but fuck it. I'll review albums on a steady basis, and post my politcal/social commentary in my 3 panel comics where they belong, and post the dumb stuff i do for the paper in here if i can, and thats about it. sorry i havent been back those 8 (and i think i can safely say 8 and be correct, and times it by like 50 or so to get 1004 or whatever im at now becuase i keep check) people who come here on the time incriments i've parenthasized. I'm back from being back.


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