Sunday, August 15, 2004

Album "Review"

Sun Kil Moon's Ghosts of the Great Highway is slowly making its way to being one of my favorite albums ever. Mark Kozelek's previous band, Red House Painters, came out with plenty of satisfying albums over the years, but Ghosts of the Great Highway is easily the best and brightest of all. Some misunderstand the texture, as Stylus magazine gave it the most shitty/ignorant review I've ever read, but it got nice press from rolling stone, and other music mags. Mark Kozelek has one of the most unique/ intricate voices I've ever heard, and his lyrics and storytelling are flawless. When you make more 'folk' -like tones, you can tend to get boring, some RHP albums had this tendency, but they were saved buy hard guitar riffs. Those riffs are here too, but even the more acoustic songs are just as powerful as stand out tracks like 'Salvador Sanchez'. I think I've been around the album for a month and I've most likely listened to it 11 or 12 times and enjoyed it even more each time, mostly because the diversity in the chords and rhythms in each song. Many albums fail because a band gets stuck on a few chords and can't get over them, they also can do it on purpose (modest mouse has slightly annoyed me by doing it on their latest), there is a hint of this is the clever blending of the last chord of "last tide" cutting in and leading into a completely different melody on "floating". It is this along with other subtle movements that make this album a quiet, undeniably beautiful classic.


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