Friday, July 02, 2004

Movie Review

So i saw Bad Santa awhile ago, everyone in my general vicinity was very disturbed in my actual determenation and remembrance to go out and rent this movie at the flooded Blockbuster. I thought the previews looked good, and on this perrenial assumption i had i payed the 5 dollars for the movie. It was funny. It has that quality of making you laugh evily at something evil and wrong, i have seen very little of such vice filled movies, and most of them i thought were to over the top and pathetic. something about the black(no race) comedy in this movie though gave me disired entertainment (no metro). Most people hate billy bob thorton ( i dont really),and except for sling blade, this is the only role i've seen him in that he really belongs to be in. partially because you can see billy bob being as much as slob and deviant in real life i guess. the greatest thing in this movie is "the kid", a hefty child who lives in a massion built on dirty money with his senile grandmother (his mom is dead i guess, and his dad is "in the moutains exploring", which is beleivable becuase federal prison would most likely allow it). the kid says some hillarious shit, as do the other kids santa sees in the various malls he eventually robs. Tony Cox is very funny as Marcus, billy bobs 'elf', even funnier for some reason because he has an asian girlfreind. Shit, everyone is really good in this movie, and even though the script and plot are subpar, it helps to have John Ritter and Bernie Mac giving pleasing preformances. If your not offened by evilness in its highest form, this is a pretty deprssingly funny movie. i give 18 out of 25 advent callendar chocolates.

I also today rented eurotrip,spartan, and the staion agent, so i will eventually hitting you up with the what-not. and as soon as i find those cd's, i'll review 'em as well


Blogger Byron said...

>If your not offened by evilness in its highest form

Oh come on.

9:25 PM  
Blogger SergDun said...

you should take a shit on eurotrip, it will be funnier than anything in the movie

5:17 PM  

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