Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Movie Review
(or: how blockbuster lets 16 yearolds rent "pron")

so... the history of the dvd is short, but allready storied. it used to be (for a couple movies), that you would buy the dvd when it came out, and then marketing gurus would release the 'unrated version' with 2 second longer nudity. apparently thats been throw out the window by just releasing the dvd in its unrated form, which really does include some very 'unrated' material, and offers an index of all the scenes featuring anatomicly correct females in them. the writers/directors of them film insist the wanted to make a movie "college guys could drink beer to", but suceeded of course in allowing a loophole for teenagers to rent pron. but if you're not going to see the movie for that, don't see it because its funny, because it isnt funny. really, this movie is a good example of how 3 writers for seinfeld can fulfill their ultimate fantasy of making a prono in pruage with harriet the spy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is "pron" and how could blockbuster let kids rent it???

sally aka the quarterwit (

7:27 AM  
Blogger John Servo said...

uhm, pron is a way for me to say porn without getting uneeded traffic and other such things because im paranoid, and blockbuster staff is cool/uncool enough to not give a shit what you're renting, and this movie could pass as a soft core porno...minus the actuall act of sex.

4:18 PM  
Blogger JMJ said...

actually I think whoever sets up the account can specify whether or not they want other members on their account (i.e. children) to rent "R" rated movies.

also, all this DVD is catering to is what the kind of people who watch these movies are looking for anyway - the nudity.

furthermore, I watched one of the interview or behind the scenes or editorial extras (or whatever the fuck) where the director and writers were talking about the nude scene (the nude beach with all males) and they mentioned penis about 300 times. they apparently thought it was funny and that this scene was one of the funniest jokes ever. actually it was dumb, gross, and convinced me that they are all gay and wished they could have made a gay porn or made the same movie but with lots of naked guys and gay scenes rather than that with women. or something.

1:06 AM  

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