Thursday, July 01, 2004

[(don't)]Give up

I'm trying to make a post everyday, and make it and publish it even if its mundane, becuase i get bored of the old stuff. I procrastanate only because i know ill break the promise if i begin to soon and also becuase i know i will forget.

I'm a lazy guy, my body shows its 'medium flavored' motivational salsa very well, and my books have a lot dog ears on page 17. the only things i get around to doing well are listening to music and things i force myself to do otherwise i'll lose it's paid-for oppurtunity (i.e...go to rehershal).

So, keeping in mind this history of motovation, it's easy to see why i've almost given up this website a good eight times in its 6 month history.


The vast mulitudes of shitty blogs that get more vistors then mine spins me into enough ignorant and babyish jelousy to keep me going week by week. And i figure since the rest of my classmates patheticly find nothing better to do then go back to the school they dont have to be at and sit on their cars, maybe i'm doing something constructive.

but today i figured "what the fuck am i doing". optional practices, weightlifting, job applications, reading, finishing videogames, finishing my movie for a film class thats been over for a month, and not eating shit have all been things i've easily been able to give up... but i shouldnt stop writing, because.. we'll i dont know, ill be doing more of this "i could do something like that" bullshit i've allways done. but i've given myself enough time, i feel, to soak up enough culture and critiscm to shit out one big post and then have the same problem i had since talking about jesus, in that im at a loss for words. it's strange, alot people use this "its all going bad anyways" habit to make documentaries and make money telling me things that make me go "no shit", or become born-again christians.

i'm posting movie/cd reviews of the following in the upcoming days:

-Asobi Seksu, Asobi Seksu
-Bad Santa
-Modest Mouse, Good news for people who love bad news
-Mission of Burma, onoffon

also stuff about
-video games
-journal-like stuff (dare i?)


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