Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Album Reviews Galore!

Asobi Seksu, asobi seksu

my dad got this in one of his, as I like to refer to them with a Scottish accent "Friggin Uuge" music orders, and he thought I might like it, mostly because of my nerdlike half obsession with Japanese anime, or just because it was good(I think its that). I was very much assuming this would be like most J-pop, or even worse, but it was not to be. The band is compiled by some American looking dudes, hailing from new york, and a Japanese lead singer, hailing from...Osaka. The NYC feel is really present in the music, all that interpol 'shoegaze' revolution is really taking full swing. one of the major things you realize in listening to this album is, "damn, this is some Kevin shields shit", in fact I coulda sworn some of the riffs are straight outta loveless. But I wouldn't really take this group as a My Bloody Valentine tribute band, mainly because of the very unique clever lyrics, and some props to pop(j-pop and 'dream pop' moreover) sounds. The vocal change up is great, a handful of traks are in the lead vocalists native tongue, while a few are sung by a male member (no hometrodykesual) of the quartet. The feelings and emotions are also in range, which is a good thing, some of the best traks, like the single 'walk on the moon' are very heavy and powerfully, there are a few a great, very bubbly songs, especially the opener 'I'm happy but you don't like me' and 'taiyo'. You can even find some of that lingering, red house painters, indie shit on a couple of songs. I was really surprised by the entire album and glad to have heard it. Its the first album or anything to be released on a new label, friendly Fire Recordings, so I'll be looking forward to more of what they've got. You can check Asobi Seksu's website, and it has a link to the video for their single, which is largely requested apparently on MTVU..Which is some super-cable station I wish I had.

Modest Mouse, Good news for people who like bad news

Modest Mouse's previous album, the moon & antarctica, was very well received, and I never really got into it. I bought this album on a whim after watching the video for 'Float On', and I know its considered dumb to buy an album based on a video but I figured this band aint that bad, despite my not getting into moon & antarctica(looking back, I never gave it a second chance). But regardless of anything afore mentioned, this album is awesome, I think its been in heavy rotation in the altima along with Franz Ferninand and The Walkmen, so I've at least listenedto it a good eight times. I could name a genre for you, more specific then indie, but it wouldn't be encompassing, this album is the reason I hate most genres, because they're made by critics and etc. I know I just did a whole lotta genre dropping in the above review, but sometimes it works. I don't really think there's a band allmusic or some critic could 'compare' this to. Like most good music, there's a good enough mix from standard sounds, and the addition of the dirty dozen brass band and drum machines with a little production value from the flaming lips is definitely awesome. Issac Brock writes and sings brilliant lyrics, and his voice is rough and eccentric, hes one of few lead singers I've ever heard whose had a lisp (although it doesn't come through to much in his vocals). There are some very great tracks on this album, many that have lead the altima to almost driving off the road from the drivers hands impromptu drumming. The very hard rocking 'Bury me with it','dance hall', and 'Black Cadillacs', the funeral procession feel of 'Satin in a coffin' and the laid back 'blame it on the tetons', along with a handfull others makes this album a very good canidate for president of albums in '04. Plus it has Road Warrior references so...I mean, come on.


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