Sunday, July 18, 2004

As human gods aim for their mark
Made everything from toy guns that spark
To flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark
It's easy to see without looking too far
That not much
Is really sacred.

Some philosopher at some point had to write something about the infinite questions we can never answer about human existence, morality, ethics, etc.  I haven't read these works, and most likely wont until I need to for classes.  Much of what I know and intake on the afore said matters is what I read lightly and what I have discussions with my dad and brother on.  Really, I haven't the slightest clue where whatever moral and ethical choices I make come from, and I haven't any clue of my ever guiding conscience, and what its choices stem from.  Most would tell me my ethics could come from environment, upbringing, other such factors, but as I said I've never really read into any of these matters.
I get the New York Times on Sunday, and manage to read some of arts & entertainment and all of sports, but I always read New York Times the Magazine.  I didn't today, and mom pointed me to this article.  Amy Richards is a 34 year-old, unwed, and is a lecturer at colleges.  She found out she was going to have triplets, and because of her work schedule and current state in life, she decided to abort two of the children, who would have been identical, the one she kept was a stand alone, possibly three days older.  in her words:
'this is why they say it's the woman's choice, because you think I could just carry triplets. That's easy for you to say, but I'd have to give up my life.'' Not only would I have to be on bed rest at 20 weeks, I wouldn't be able to fly after 15. I was already at eight weeks. When I found out about the triplets, I felt like: It's not the back of a pickup at 16, but now I'm going to have to move to Staten Island. I'll never leave my house because I'll have to care for these children. I'll have to start shopping only at Costco and buying big jars of mayonnaise.
I read this, and much to my surprise felt physically sick.  I'm sorry, I am conservative, and only a dilettante at best.  But this went beyond whatever bullshit I rant about and have no logical opinion on.  something in my mind just shut off and I couldn't fully understand what I was reading, this women aborted two fetuses for convenience, and someday she will have to tell her 15 year-old son, "basically, I didn't want have to move to Staten island and care for two more babies and give up my life, so in turn I gave up theirs".  I am not a woman, I may not fully understand the women's right to choose, but I do understand before I do something what consequences I will face, and understand that most times in life there is no easy way out of things, that you have to play the hand your dealt.  We live in a culture where technology has provided us with an easy way out of things, advancements in medicine have made abortion a faster and more efficient thing, but we confuse notions about rights, wanting more supreme and clear cut availabilities people in other countries could only dream of.  If I have learned one thing living in America, it is that people are never satisfied, we desire larger portions: of food, of pity, of rights, of conveniences.  we desire such larger portions we have blurred the line between convenience and necessity. 
 On one end of the spectrum, a women struggles to bear a child because of a physically ailment, on the other side, certain people decide that it would be inconvenient to bear more than one child, and ends the problem with potassium chloride.  I am easily marred as a blind patriot, professing my faith in my country and turning my back on the issues, but I am equally sickened by my culture as I am any other culture I seem to think I am superior to.  sometimes I feel that maybe I'm not the only one that has blinders on to the outside world, which more  people would like to bring birth control to then  solutions.  when will come to the point where we are injecting serum into our children to weed out or bring in certain traits? When will it come the point where we live in a society we thought we destroyed in 1945? So many profess our rich country isn't helping its people, and I guess sometimes I  cruelly wish it wouldn't at all.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Album Reviews Galore!

Asobi Seksu, asobi seksu

my dad got this in one of his, as I like to refer to them with a Scottish accent "Friggin Uuge" music orders, and he thought I might like it, mostly because of my nerdlike half obsession with Japanese anime, or just because it was good(I think its that). I was very much assuming this would be like most J-pop, or even worse, but it was not to be. The band is compiled by some American looking dudes, hailing from new york, and a Japanese lead singer, hailing from...Osaka. The NYC feel is really present in the music, all that interpol 'shoegaze' revolution is really taking full swing. one of the major things you realize in listening to this album is, "damn, this is some Kevin shields shit", in fact I coulda sworn some of the riffs are straight outta loveless. But I wouldn't really take this group as a My Bloody Valentine tribute band, mainly because of the very unique clever lyrics, and some props to pop(j-pop and 'dream pop' moreover) sounds. The vocal change up is great, a handful of traks are in the lead vocalists native tongue, while a few are sung by a male member (no hometrodykesual) of the quartet. The feelings and emotions are also in range, which is a good thing, some of the best traks, like the single 'walk on the moon' are very heavy and powerfully, there are a few a great, very bubbly songs, especially the opener 'I'm happy but you don't like me' and 'taiyo'. You can even find some of that lingering, red house painters, indie shit on a couple of songs. I was really surprised by the entire album and glad to have heard it. Its the first album or anything to be released on a new label, friendly Fire Recordings, so I'll be looking forward to more of what they've got. You can check Asobi Seksu's website, and it has a link to the video for their single, which is largely requested apparently on MTVU..Which is some super-cable station I wish I had.

Modest Mouse, Good news for people who like bad news

Modest Mouse's previous album, the moon & antarctica, was very well received, and I never really got into it. I bought this album on a whim after watching the video for 'Float On', and I know its considered dumb to buy an album based on a video but I figured this band aint that bad, despite my not getting into moon & antarctica(looking back, I never gave it a second chance). But regardless of anything afore mentioned, this album is awesome, I think its been in heavy rotation in the altima along with Franz Ferninand and The Walkmen, so I've at least listenedto it a good eight times. I could name a genre for you, more specific then indie, but it wouldn't be encompassing, this album is the reason I hate most genres, because they're made by critics and etc. I know I just did a whole lotta genre dropping in the above review, but sometimes it works. I don't really think there's a band allmusic or some critic could 'compare' this to. Like most good music, there's a good enough mix from standard sounds, and the addition of the dirty dozen brass band and drum machines with a little production value from the flaming lips is definitely awesome. Issac Brock writes and sings brilliant lyrics, and his voice is rough and eccentric, hes one of few lead singers I've ever heard whose had a lisp (although it doesn't come through to much in his vocals). There are some very great tracks on this album, many that have lead the altima to almost driving off the road from the drivers hands impromptu drumming. The very hard rocking 'Bury me with it','dance hall', and 'Black Cadillacs', the funeral procession feel of 'Satin in a coffin' and the laid back 'blame it on the tetons', along with a handfull others makes this album a very good canidate for president of albums in '04. Plus it has Road Warrior references so...I mean, come on.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Movie Review
(or: how blockbuster lets 16 yearolds rent "pron")

so... the history of the dvd is short, but allready storied. it used to be (for a couple movies), that you would buy the dvd when it came out, and then marketing gurus would release the 'unrated version' with 2 second longer nudity. apparently thats been throw out the window by just releasing the dvd in its unrated form, which really does include some very 'unrated' material, and offers an index of all the scenes featuring anatomicly correct females in them. the writers/directors of them film insist the wanted to make a movie "college guys could drink beer to", but suceeded of course in allowing a loophole for teenagers to rent pron. but if you're not going to see the movie for that, don't see it because its funny, because it isnt funny. really, this movie is a good example of how 3 writers for seinfeld can fulfill their ultimate fantasy of making a prono in pruage with harriet the spy.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Movie Review

So i saw Bad Santa awhile ago, everyone in my general vicinity was very disturbed in my actual determenation and remembrance to go out and rent this movie at the flooded Blockbuster. I thought the previews looked good, and on this perrenial assumption i had i payed the 5 dollars for the movie. It was funny. It has that quality of making you laugh evily at something evil and wrong, i have seen very little of such vice filled movies, and most of them i thought were to over the top and pathetic. something about the black(no race) comedy in this movie though gave me disired entertainment (no metro). Most people hate billy bob thorton ( i dont really),and except for sling blade, this is the only role i've seen him in that he really belongs to be in. partially because you can see billy bob being as much as slob and deviant in real life i guess. the greatest thing in this movie is "the kid", a hefty child who lives in a massion built on dirty money with his senile grandmother (his mom is dead i guess, and his dad is "in the moutains exploring", which is beleivable becuase federal prison would most likely allow it). the kid says some hillarious shit, as do the other kids santa sees in the various malls he eventually robs. Tony Cox is very funny as Marcus, billy bobs 'elf', even funnier for some reason because he has an asian girlfreind. Shit, everyone is really good in this movie, and even though the script and plot are subpar, it helps to have John Ritter and Bernie Mac giving pleasing preformances. If your not offened by evilness in its highest form, this is a pretty deprssingly funny movie. i give 18 out of 25 advent callendar chocolates.

I also today rented eurotrip,spartan, and the staion agent, so i will eventually hitting you up with the what-not. and as soon as i find those cd's, i'll review 'em as well

Thursday, July 01, 2004

[(don't)]Give up

I'm trying to make a post everyday, and make it and publish it even if its mundane, becuase i get bored of the old stuff. I procrastanate only because i know ill break the promise if i begin to soon and also becuase i know i will forget.

I'm a lazy guy, my body shows its 'medium flavored' motivational salsa very well, and my books have a lot dog ears on page 17. the only things i get around to doing well are listening to music and things i force myself to do otherwise i'll lose it's paid-for oppurtunity (i.e...go to rehershal).

So, keeping in mind this history of motovation, it's easy to see why i've almost given up this website a good eight times in its 6 month history.


The vast mulitudes of shitty blogs that get more vistors then mine spins me into enough ignorant and babyish jelousy to keep me going week by week. And i figure since the rest of my classmates patheticly find nothing better to do then go back to the school they dont have to be at and sit on their cars, maybe i'm doing something constructive.

but today i figured "what the fuck am i doing". optional practices, weightlifting, job applications, reading, finishing videogames, finishing my movie for a film class thats been over for a month, and not eating shit have all been things i've easily been able to give up... but i shouldnt stop writing, because.. we'll i dont know, ill be doing more of this "i could do something like that" bullshit i've allways done. but i've given myself enough time, i feel, to soak up enough culture and critiscm to shit out one big post and then have the same problem i had since talking about jesus, in that im at a loss for words. it's strange, alot people use this "its all going bad anyways" habit to make documentaries and make money telling me things that make me go "no shit", or become born-again christians.

i'm posting movie/cd reviews of the following in the upcoming days:

-Asobi Seksu, Asobi Seksu
-Bad Santa
-Modest Mouse, Good news for people who love bad news
-Mission of Burma, onoffon

also stuff about
-video games
-journal-like stuff (dare i?)