Friday, June 04, 2004

two completely different films.........

prop·a·gan·da , n.
1.The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause. Propaganda has notoriously been utilized through the medium of film

Triumph of the Will, Directed by Leni Riefenstahl, was composed of footage of a nazi rally in Nuremburg and it's immense turn-out, released in 1934 (during the time the nazis were gaining seats in the house, and weeding out competition), it was used to sway the people Germany praise their newly electedted Hitler in his chancellorship of the Weimar Republic( formed by a joint Americancan aEuropeanean alliance to prevent another Kaiser), who's internal workings and doctrines provided many loopholes Hitler could use, and did, to rape the German people of true government. The Film features only music and gorgeous shots Germany, it's people, and Hitler. Utilizing clever low angle/high angle shots, it conveys the viewer to be compelled by the majesty of Hitler, and the people who adore him. There is also footage Hitler's speech's and dinner parties, etc. The response to this film was great, Hitler's popularity rose, and subsequentlly killed all those in the house who were not of the nazi party. This film is an example of 'positive' propaganda, other films along this line: Daffy Goes to War, Stepping Up Production.

Fahrenheiteit 9/11 is to be released in the states sometime this summer, the election year of 2004. It is composed of footage and interviews circulating around the faults of the current president of the united states, and how our citizens are unaware of how controlling and despicable our failed government is. There is a cinema veritae feel to this film because the filmaker himself is often featured and heard. There are many shots of Bush giving speeches, and reactions to terrorists attacks, that show us how stupid and unfit our chancellor is for his job. The editing and composistion of this film is meant to show the barbaric nature of this man, and the people who dont adore him. The film is intended to end the reign of Bush by swaying people to vote elsewhere in the coming electioIt it is an example of 'negative' propaganda, other films along this line: He Must be a Communist, Oppressor and Oppressed.

Some of the Films mentioned in this post

Addendum: Aphorisms in link form

"Michael Moore is a Stupid Son of a Bitch"
-does Moore have a response to this wacko attacko?
"Gunner Palace"
-a documentry about, above all things, confusion
"more conections"
-a unreliable article from an unreliable publication, at leasts thats what i've been told.


Blogger John Servo said...

uh...before the dam bursts, if you post saying "so you're saying moore is a nazi", you're....missing the point, if not trying to pigeonhole me...thank you, and goodnight

12:20 AM  
Blogger Byron said...

It's funny, we were just talking about you last night at the Yards and about how much of an expert on film you are.

9:12 PM  
Blogger John Servo said...

It's Funny, i was just reading your comment and thinking about how a bunch of college grads almost 1.5x my age have nothing better to do on a weekend but talk about a 16 year-old from Iowa's blog....honestly, am i Maddox at Best Page in the Universe and allways right and not admitidly juvenile (which is only natural at my age) and egotistical in knoweledge?

12:48 AM  
Blogger Byron said...

I don't know. It was Fitz who brought it up. Bitch at him.

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