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Ever since The Passion of The Christ came out, a very un-suprising tizzy of polotics and theology (and some history) followed suite. Many people laid claim to the fact that the movie was anti-semetic, some thought it was brutal and the violence was brutal and not necessary to prove the 'point' (why the catholics/christians insit on the lessons of the pasion, the biblical act, not the movie, is still beyond me. I'll exlplain) of the the movie.

well, before i devulge into my tirade, here's the deal. Jesus was betrayed by his disciple Judas for some gold, betrayed in such a way that Jesus' secret location was revealed to the high priests, who wanted him for a number of crimes which in the bible, the preists never really say (until they write it in give it to Pilate: it amounts to not letting people to pay tribute to ceasar, and proclaiming to be a king). Jesus is examined by the court of the Sanhedrists(who condemn him to death), Jesus is then taken to the govener of the region, Pontius Pilate in order to carry out the sentance. Pilate objects, saying he wont kill someone if they dont have a trial, so not knowing what to do, Jesus was eventually turned over to herod, the jewish king, who was most likely was in a drunken state and eager to get back to his orgies. Herod said jesus hasnt done anything wrong, made fun of him, put him in a robe, and sent him back to Pontius because Herod had no power of the fate of Jesus. So Pilate, scared shitless, asked the public if they would like jesus crufied and crazy Barabas released, the public all screams yes, "we have no king but ceasar", and there you have it.

Now obviously 'The Passion' is anti-semetic, becuase if anti-semetism involves portraying jews negatively then well, the movies anti-semetic. But thats moot point to argue because you can't really deny the fervor the high-priests had for offing this guy, and really you're only agruing with jew-hating, types who think all jews are like this. but thats not really what i'm upset about, as it involes the same 'no-shit' logic as pointing out how retarded Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton are (well, i guess what i'm arguing involves that same logic, unfortunately). People are allways upset about who killed Jesus, before this movie even came out its been an argument between the religons stemming from the bible, and athiests/agnostics. This argument predates all other slowly fading thelogical arguments featured in ADD format on CNN. The argument streches everywhere: Jews killed Jesus, Romans killed Jesus (they drove the nails through his hands), jews and Romans killed Jesus, only the guys that crucified Jesus killed Jesus, the guy who speared Jesus killed Jesus (of course, he was compelled and spread the good news like a billion other people who still do today). The thing that makes me mad is that no one(spef. christian people who argue about this trivial shit)ever says 'the truth': GOD 'KILLED' JESUS. It's in the damn bible, its even before the new testement:

"The LORD has laid on Him the iniquity of us all." Isaiah 53:6
"The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life " John 10:17

and of course the biggest and most famous:

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

In all these arguments people get into about 'who killed jesus', I have allways heard the religous, mostly christian, try to calm people down in arguments by saying something along the lines of: "c'mon, really, Pontius Pilate condemned Jesus to death", I guess I, the agnostic, am one of the few people to both have had a catholic education and payed attention in church enough to know that we should beleive that it was God who pre-determined the fate of his only son. Why is it that very few practicing Christians realize the importance in their own faith of recognizing the fundemental importance of their sins being forgiven by God's giving of his only son. Somehow, the christians, who unlike protestants push the education of the passion as a huge part of their faith, fail to realize it's(God being the one who decided Jesus would die) importance to their faith when arguing a dumb, historicaly and legaly baffeling case of 'who's to blame'. so the next time you see: a christian calming down people by saying it was just the romans, maybe a jewish person saying how it's blamed on their entire people,and an athiest saying 'seriously, Jesus was a jew! how could the jews kill him?' like they're saying something important, tell them what the actual bible says and what christians should beleive, and then go have a funny chat about it with the protestant, who could care less about the argument becuase the fundmental thing in their faith is jesus rising from the dead, which makes more sense then saying the flagship of faith is Jesus' passion...

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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Past Goodness

Thursday, June 10, 2004


I have been thinking alot about everything, about polotics and celbrities. The whole world in general has been very intriguing to me these days. Throughout my daily roll through many a blogs, i have finally been enlightened to a new state of being, inspired by such articles and websites as this and this and this and this and this and this have really opened my eyes. I have changed my opinions. Many say that my previous conservative views are the result of being raised in a certain household enviornment and not being around the real world, I would most defenitly agree, My hatefull and stupid ways were the results of Political Programing by my very intensly political parents who pushed me and pushed me to agree with their evil agenda. I am glad i have changed before college and am now much more prepared to face the real world. I feel very empowered and able to express my opinions now that the chains of chickenhawk oppresion have been broken and i can for once speak clearly on what i beleive!!

President Bush: I hate this guy, i read a very interesting blog post about how him and other chicken hawks compare to gays with fetishes, and i think he gets aroused by nazis to becuase i also read his dad was a nazi! how gay is that? It figures that he hates arabs becuase its hard for him to hate jews now becuase there are alot circulating in the oval office. Bush also is a coke head and onetime i saw some remnints on his mustache. Not only that but he also is making global warming worse and is in direct fault for all the big SUV's but he wont admit it! I agree with the people at Punkvoter in that with their smart lyrics and powerfull 2 chords, that we can make a differnce!! its good to see the guys of New Found Glorly are very politcly active. One day we will get this evil nazi out, so hopefully Kerry or Nader will win, although i'd go with nader becuase i like his veiws on Foreign Policy. Plus bush is a born-again, LOL at that.

Ronald Reagan: Really I hate this guy now that he's dead, and i think we should have an alternate line at his funeral so people can shit on the flag he disgraced. I wonder how many crack babies that evil white bastard has under his name. I was watching he movie New Jack City, and i think its a great representation of how Reaganomics ruined the entire country(crazy voodo!, no homo). Also as a Punk Rock fan, i think the end of socialism sucked, becuase he didnt give them a chance! what abunch of gayness! Byron said it best that we should pee on his grave, but i think we should take it even furthererer and slap the shit out of nacy, and tell her how she was used by that stupid, semi-retarded, jellybean eating racist! and a killer, i read he killed people somewhere! how'd he not go to jail for physically killing people???

Michael Moore: Mike is a true patriot and a great filmmaker. His second movie, Bowling For Columbine really cleared up a lot of issues for me, it showed me that my country makes missles in colorado(how dare they!), that reagens crack babies have scared this country into locking there doors, that video games and music aren't to blame for columbine, and not even the kids themselves! but the blame goes upon our biased, fear-based media and shows the stereotype blacks with 'actual' police videos, etc. I cant wait for his next movie, i heard he gets in senators faces and gives them what their white-asses deserve for not sending their kids to war even though they supported it, and you so have to do that! gay senators(no-hockey)! Mike has gone against the grain and used free-speech to show us the truth about how bush is a bad man for not freaking the shit out and telling a bunch of little kids that thousands of people were being burned alive, and just sitting their reading books like a fucking coward. I realized to late that still hating michael moore mad me like bush becuase i...uh, thats, i read it. I'm sorry mike for doubting you and vicariously supporting that boot-wearing hitler.

The Government: It doesnt work anymore. There are so many loopholes and its never done anything to us in the past. we can't fix and we've made it worse. I think the best thing to do is give up and freak out. We could easily start a much better government but i guess as long as Kerry or Nader wins we can salvage the mess thats been made. cities are on fire, aids and sars are out of control and white captialists rule the streets. Also i think some of the things we have done are faked, i think martin luther king jr. was killed by the government, and i also think the CIA has a hand in everything bad that has happened becuase thats the only reasonable explanation for all this fucked up shit. Also, the job market from the economy has lead to me not being able to get a job and thats gay. Also, checks and balances is a huge lie, the government justs lets Bush control everything and then ALL the blame ALLWAYS goes on congress and the senate and judicial branch. I read that theres a secret shadow government and that its done under the cover of Knight of Columbus and the shriners, i can't beleive it!. Al Gore was robbed of his election and all those beard photos were faked by the CIA. It's gone as far as having a hand in forcing a woman to say that Kobe Bryant raped her.

Gas Prices: are so gay they have gay pee parties to celebrate how much they're fucking us! its so retarded that i have to even pay money to get my gas and that my only means of transportation is my 96 nissan altima sedan. The government just wants to waste a bunch of money on hydrogen i dont want pussy hydrogen, i want crude oil and i want it cheap! so...dont, no war, but..or anything but, god, do i really have to pay that much for fucking gas? GAY!

Punk Republicans: This is really gay, there are bands out there that think they're cool becuase they have conservative veiwpoints! they actually say that since punk is about non-conformatism, that there is nothing fundamentaly wrong with agreeing with republicans becuase really not many people like him, but thats total bullshit and like,you cant just, do that when you want to or whatever becuase punks all about hating republicans not doing what you want, plus everybody likes bush all over the world, its just a few of us who realize how fucking terrible he is.

In the end, faithfull readers, i have wronged you with previous posts about my favorite movies and music. I used to be a prisoner of tyranny but now i am free to be who i want to with these new views. I have learned that being overtly logical and well meaning has only made me enemies, so i want to be cynacal and critical of most things, and try to find hidden meanings or negative things about mundane actions or sayings. I also am going to join more radical peace movements and wear masks and throw rocks at windows to prove a metaphorical point, and might even call my blog 'stupid liberal douchebag' and be ironic, i've allready been messing with the template a little bit to start my new revolution in thinking and in words. hell, i might even throw out writing altogether and just put links to articles i like and then just have huge comment wars, or just post weird hacking help tips becuase im really into hacking and things like that now. so until my next post, keep on fighting.

-all my readers for having to read my previous hatefull thoughts
-michael moore
-the itallian protesters i made fun of for rioting
-jacque chirac for my post on banning headresses (i now realize denying basic religous rights is a good step twoards positive socialism)
-michael moore for posting the qoute of the stupid ray bradbury calling him a stupid sonovabitch
-New Found Glory for not recognizing their right to make up new defenitions for words
-Lindsay Lohan for calling her a rich slut

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My Voice on the Internet
so like, i totally subscribed to audioblog, and it's free!!

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I think the message is: "make war, not war"

Friday, June 04, 2004

two completely different films.........

prop·a·gan·da , n.
1.The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause. Propaganda has notoriously been utilized through the medium of film

Triumph of the Will, Directed by Leni Riefenstahl, was composed of footage of a nazi rally in Nuremburg and it's immense turn-out, released in 1934 (during the time the nazis were gaining seats in the house, and weeding out competition), it was used to sway the people Germany praise their newly electedted Hitler in his chancellorship of the Weimar Republic( formed by a joint Americancan aEuropeanean alliance to prevent another Kaiser), who's internal workings and doctrines provided many loopholes Hitler could use, and did, to rape the German people of true government. The Film features only music and gorgeous shots Germany, it's people, and Hitler. Utilizing clever low angle/high angle shots, it conveys the viewer to be compelled by the majesty of Hitler, and the people who adore him. There is also footage Hitler's speech's and dinner parties, etc. The response to this film was great, Hitler's popularity rose, and subsequentlly killed all those in the house who were not of the nazi party. This film is an example of 'positive' propaganda, other films along this line: Daffy Goes to War, Stepping Up Production.

Fahrenheiteit 9/11 is to be released in the states sometime this summer, the election year of 2004. It is composed of footage and interviews circulating around the faults of the current president of the united states, and how our citizens are unaware of how controlling and despicable our failed government is. There is a cinema veritae feel to this film because the filmaker himself is often featured and heard. There are many shots of Bush giving speeches, and reactions to terrorists attacks, that show us how stupid and unfit our chancellor is for his job. The editing and composistion of this film is meant to show the barbaric nature of this man, and the people who dont adore him. The film is intended to end the reign of Bush by swaying people to vote elsewhere in the coming electioIt it is an example of 'negative' propaganda, other films along this line: He Must be a Communist, Oppressor and Oppressed.

Some of the Films mentioned in this post

Addendum: Aphorisms in link form

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