Monday, May 31, 2004

a lame excuse for you to comment

I love well written song lyrics, put a subpar melody and harmony behind it and you'll still have a good song in my opinion. In reality, a lot of the lyrics i like i dont always exactly understand. But of course, a metaphorical and symbolic song can be lame, and very rarely gutsy. Yet there are a few bands that I enjoy that can do this well, the two big ones being Radiohead, and Death Cab for Cutie. The other day I was reading the liner notes and lyrics to Death Cab's debut album something about airplanes, and came across my favorite song on the album, whose lyrics have formed several scenarios in my head, including such things as Pat Tillman. Well anyways, I wondered how other people interpret lyrics that are ambiguously written, and the song president of what? is a good example. Now in all assurity, there is most likely a drive behind this song based on the writer personal experience, but I have come across many an artist who say its good to leave a song up to its listeners. So here's the songs lyrics, and if you want, here's the song. Beyond whatever medium of technology or otherwise you use to hear/read the songs message, I wouldn't mind hearing what you had to say the damn thing is about. And perhaps if this is a success, I'll continue to do it..

president of what?

I saw the scene unfold on a rainy Sunday
Creases indicating fold that kept four walls from caving in
I took a little more of what I take for granted
And filled my plate for fear that gears would turn
And wheels would roll away
Something's got to break you down
Entered the scene (i'm told) on i think it was Monday
You drove straight through and mined that quarry
For all it could bleed 'til dry
I took a little more 'til i got taken for granted
'cause beautiful boys gave chase
and when they arch your backbone
it's such a dreadful sight
i'll react when faces find you
with jealous fits that gag and bind you
'cause nothing hurts like nothing at all
when imagination takes full control


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Lyrics. Not so much.

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