Saturday, May 29, 2004

J-Kwon and Lindsey Lohan, the inside scoop

So I was at shotbloxx the other day, and read a very interesting essay about how nice guys really do finish last, and girls have backward logic. Reading this gave me that "other people think this way?" feeling and I got very excited. The essay, though, had to deal with college in particular, and me being several years away from that was disappointed by the parallels the essay shares with highschool, the most awkward four years of human existance. Highschool girls share the same afflictions mentioned in the essay, first and foremost being that they complain about wanting a 'nice guy' and a 'sweet guy' and they go and date huge assholes. huge assholes, im talking big gaping red-eye'd assholes (no homo). There is no logical reason to why these very self-respecting smart young women make such massively brainless choices. On the other hand, there are girls who are most definitely manipulative bitches, and suck out young mens souls with their maniacal plans and seduction. They also flirt with everybody, constantly, leading some people to mutter under their breath, in a highschool fashion "fucking cock tease..."(the language our kids use these days). These two common trends (along with the perennial 'teen drinking is cool' factor) have lead me to believe that highschool is complete bullshit, and aside from some foundry education and experience, serves no real purpose other than to show such innocents as me that shit ain't getting no better in the long run. Sure, its seems like my kind could get some respect, with such teen movies dealing with issues like manipulative highschool bitches, i.e Mean Girls, but in the end, i wouldn't be surprised if Lindsey Lohan is just a huge rich slut.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the most ironic thing i find in reading about your observations on girls is that you are really as ignorant as you admit to being. I can attest to the fact that there are girls out there including my self who listen to John Coltrain, Death Cab for Cutie, watch movies like Memento, and are as jaded by high school and those of the opposite gender (and same gender) as you are. Oh, and check out The Strokes i think you would like them.


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