Thursday, May 20, 2004

I didn't study scripture so I could bring at all back

"We wear baggy shorts!"

As Dave Chapelle said afore beginning his new glorious and infamous season of Chapelle's show, "I'm back, bitches!" yes, you who read this are in fact in some sense my bitches, but you do not either owe me money, or solicit sins to my dearest friends.

Anywhatever, I have 30 minutes before I want to get to bed and had a few topics floating around in this cluttered noggin, and the one that's stands out most is my confusion for "punk/ska/emo" rock music and "this shit sounds like a goth singing country/nickleback/'alternative' " rock. and thing that got me thinking about all this was Fuse channel, the somewhat Canadian MTV (minus shows about close-to-retarded blondes and what times rich musician shit) channel that has more band commercials then Ted Kennedy has hookers (ok that was low, but I needed to keep up my always important parenthesis side quotes). Anyways, my first peeve is with this whole rock shindig is that half of these bands have terrible songwriting/grammatical ethics. take New Found Glory, a "punk/ska/emo" rock band from some western place (that's where they're all from, this is my 3rd side quote). Now 'NFG' new CD is entitled Catalyst which according to my friend means: One that precipitates a process or event, especially without being involved in or changed by the consequences, or in simpler chemistry terminology: A substance, usually used in small amounts relative to the reactants, that modifies and increases the rate of a reaction without being consumed in the process. Now, the lyrics to 'NGFs' song "All Downhill From Here" go a lil something like this:

Catalyst, you insist to pull me down
You contradict the fact that you still want me around
And it's all downhill from here
And it's all downhill from here

If I may be frank and lazy, what the fuck? , now it seems to me that a catalyst is something that sparks or is in assistance to a happening. I am not a nerd, but knowing a rudimentary amount of chemistry I know that the opposite of a catalyst is a Inhibitor. And for more proof of this songs stupidity, lets take a look at another song that uses vocabulary correctly, a little outfit I enjoy by the name of Cursive. This song, "The Night I Lost The Will To Fight", has this as its opening stanza:

I need a catalyst, to rekindle the flame
That once burned within these fists where defeat remains

well what do you know, the person in this song would like to spark something, and what a most choice way of doing, the correct use of vocabulary. Why does this matter? Because a songs message is important, or else a song wouldn't have lyrics, and therefore it is important that you have a good vocabulary, and that this vocabulary exerts a certain amount of truth and is grammatically correct. This point comes through with similar wordy bands like Thrice, Coheed and Cambria, Story of the year, and Dashboard Confessional, is that all these bands sound exactly the same, and its gets confusing. Of course, not as confusing as what I basically call the new country, and everyone else still calls it 'alternative [insert whatever]'. Somehow we went from soundgarden and nirvanna, and winded up with nickleback and seether and all that. they are country because a) they're vocals are stolen from it and b) they're always doing little 'team-ups', evanesence's Amy Lee is passed around more then... Ted Kennedy's Hookers. Hopefully, popular music can grow out of 'cliques' but it seems like the music biz is pushing more and more of the same tired product, and I have once again found solace in strange confused Indie rock and folk, and of course the wide array of Underground rap and other such joys of mine, so just keep your ears to the ground kids.

p.s, i realize my physical grammar sucks more then...Ted Kennedy's hookers (out of jokes), but the point i'm pushing is the songwrting and vocabulary choices.


Blogger stickubus said...

Great analysis of a shitty song. NFG isn't exactly a 'great' songwriting group...they get their appeal by acting like a bunch of jackasses in their videos and being 'punk'. I totally hate the song and I really don't like them as a band. In general, though, I know that I end up liking shitty songs/bands by ENTIRELY ignoring their lyrics. Some lyrics are just horrible and don't desrve any attention/recognition, and sadly, a lot of shitty lyrics are put over good hooks, rhythms, beats, etc., and I am sure this is something you have noticed as well. Anymore, I just listen to a song and if it has no redeeming qualities (bad lyrics over bad music) then I trash it. I think this particular NFG song fits the mold of bad lyrics over bad music, and I am sure that most of the album does too. Who knows though, there could be a 5 second pre-chorus that is slightly redeeming, then again, maybe not.

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