Saturday, May 08, 2004

Blog Crawling
it's beer crawl week here in good old iowa city, so last night surveyed the drunks downtown, and then looked at some new blogs, and left some comments i wish i would have made into longer posts, ill include a few of them here.

from the quarterwit:
Growing Pains : Mike Seaver Finds God
Kirk Cameron went and got himself some religion, some kind of creepy version of it, anyway, in the form of a ministry he started: "The Way of the Master." And he loves to try to get others to jump on his bandwagon. Beware of evangelism and proselytizing within...

my comment :
yeah. some of that stuff is laughable, being an agnostic myself, i can be bombarded by alot of people at my catholic school handing me books and all that. but yesterday i decided to talk to a guy who was standing alone on street corner atop a stool, preaching gospel and thats it, no anti-gay anti-jew stuff, just old testment morals and things about JC. i told him a lot of people dont appreciate what he goes through (he was being taunted by the drunk bar-crawlers that night, all in same shirts in such a blatant herd mentalitly), and that technicaly, all practicing christians are suposed to do what he does, he wasnt crazy at all, he shaked my hand and said he appreciated the encouragement. so some of those guys is crazy, and some of those guys is just making a living

Posted by Beyond Good & Evil at May 8, 2004 12:42 PM

and a nother little tidbit from Byron Crawford:
Nas' Streets Disciple pushed back
Was at this morning looking for more people we could hunt and kill when I saw this bullshit. Basically, rather than putting out this album as a double disc on July 2 like he was planning to, now he's going to whittle it down to a single disc and drop it on September 14, his 31st birthday instead. My guess is the shit will either get bootlegged and end up being released before the summer's over, or he somehow manages to not have it out by September 14 even, but keep pushing it back until it finally comes out in December or something. Either way, this is pretty gay. I was all set to have new Nas in a coupla months and now I probably won't. Can a brother at least get a new Lost Tapes?

My Comment(s):

some beef:

-rappers get itchy with release dates, ive noticed this with Jay and MF Doom, shit gets bootlegged and the outcomb can be less then as perfect as it could have been (i wonder how Doom woulda sounded pre-gettingbootlegged)
-i have no quams with internet downloads and mp3's an all that, but coming from a family of Hi-Fi fanatics, i have been drawn to the side of 'mp3s are terrible for hi-fi', that and car stereo sytems, which rappers who frequent 'cribs' have all hooked up.... my relationship with rap is strained by the hi-component cable

Posted by: Beyond Good & Evil | May 8, 2004 12:50 AM

-oh yeah, in the words of my brother "nelly is a no-talent ass clown"

Posted by: BG&E | May 8, 2004 12:55 AM


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