Monday, May 31, 2004

a lame excuse for you to comment

I love well written song lyrics, put a subpar melody and harmony behind it and you'll still have a good song in my opinion. In reality, a lot of the lyrics i like i dont always exactly understand. But of course, a metaphorical and symbolic song can be lame, and very rarely gutsy. Yet there are a few bands that I enjoy that can do this well, the two big ones being Radiohead, and Death Cab for Cutie. The other day I was reading the liner notes and lyrics to Death Cab's debut album something about airplanes, and came across my favorite song on the album, whose lyrics have formed several scenarios in my head, including such things as Pat Tillman. Well anyways, I wondered how other people interpret lyrics that are ambiguously written, and the song president of what? is a good example. Now in all assurity, there is most likely a drive behind this song based on the writer personal experience, but I have come across many an artist who say its good to leave a song up to its listeners. So here's the songs lyrics, and if you want, here's the song. Beyond whatever medium of technology or otherwise you use to hear/read the songs message, I wouldn't mind hearing what you had to say the damn thing is about. And perhaps if this is a success, I'll continue to do it..

president of what?

I saw the scene unfold on a rainy Sunday
Creases indicating fold that kept four walls from caving in
I took a little more of what I take for granted
And filled my plate for fear that gears would turn
And wheels would roll away
Something's got to break you down
Entered the scene (i'm told) on i think it was Monday
You drove straight through and mined that quarry
For all it could bleed 'til dry
I took a little more 'til i got taken for granted
'cause beautiful boys gave chase
and when they arch your backbone
it's such a dreadful sight
i'll react when faces find you
with jealous fits that gag and bind you
'cause nothing hurts like nothing at all
when imagination takes full control

Saturday, May 29, 2004

J-Kwon and Lindsey Lohan, the inside scoop

So I was at shotbloxx the other day, and read a very interesting essay about how nice guys really do finish last, and girls have backward logic. Reading this gave me that "other people think this way?" feeling and I got very excited. The essay, though, had to deal with college in particular, and me being several years away from that was disappointed by the parallels the essay shares with highschool, the most awkward four years of human existance. Highschool girls share the same afflictions mentioned in the essay, first and foremost being that they complain about wanting a 'nice guy' and a 'sweet guy' and they go and date huge assholes. huge assholes, im talking big gaping red-eye'd assholes (no homo). There is no logical reason to why these very self-respecting smart young women make such massively brainless choices. On the other hand, there are girls who are most definitely manipulative bitches, and suck out young mens souls with their maniacal plans and seduction. They also flirt with everybody, constantly, leading some people to mutter under their breath, in a highschool fashion "fucking cock tease..."(the language our kids use these days). These two common trends (along with the perennial 'teen drinking is cool' factor) have lead me to believe that highschool is complete bullshit, and aside from some foundry education and experience, serves no real purpose other than to show such innocents as me that shit ain't getting no better in the long run. Sure, its seems like my kind could get some respect, with such teen movies dealing with issues like manipulative highschool bitches, i.e Mean Girls, but in the end, i wouldn't be surprised if Lindsey Lohan is just a huge rich slut.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The "all-time"ate Scapegoat

I'd have a headache, too

I was reading an article on the magazine I've sworn 87 times not read, Rolling Stone, about how "the sceintists" say Global warming has allready started, and becuase America doesnt participate in the summits that are held, we're all doomed to die. Infact, the article went on to speculate whether or not the movie "The Day After Tommorow" could happen...
Well, here, i'll be analytical about the entire article:

a) It starts off talking about a heat wave that killed thousands in France in august of last year, saying that it wasnt an act of God, that it had mans finger prints all over it. and this is due, to global warming, and fossil fuels. of course, we know this becuase... oh wait, it doesnt talk about that.

b) Global warming is no longer a theory, some distant doomsday. It's all too real -- and it's here now. Indeed, the only serious debate in the scientific community is not whether we are changing the climate, but how much and how bad will it get.

Oh really? what about the people who arent sceintests, and who arent, as many seminar speakers have been pointing out, doing expirements once, and then not researching the other side. I hate referring to them as "the scientists", i for one, do not think that its a label of intellegence or credibillaty, as everyone else is dupped into thinking. this sentence is one big hype, and we are to believe this writer knows this, becuase some sceintets we dont hear any more about, say so. I question whether or not sceince can even bring this thesis about. I've never read any article about how this information is obtained, and how we
know the means of obtaining the information arent theorys in and of themesleves.

c)"One event is not evidence," says Houghton. "But if you get these happening rather often, then you begin to see a trend."

Right, but its a known fact by these sceintests that the last time a trend or warmth happened, it lead to an ice age. and there might of been other trends, but we dont have the recorded history of alltime, therefor, yeah, its gotten hotter the last 300 years, but we havent the ability to accurately measure weather patterns before those 300 years. and many say such semi-recorded events such as 'noahs flood' most likely were small(scholars speculate the biblical tale was based on a small flood of the area, not the world) weather realted happening as a part of another trend that fluxated back to the 'neutral' stage we were apparently at 300 years ago.

d)Take the world's glaciers. Kilimanjaro's permanent ice cap in Kenya -- Hemingway's "Snows of Kilimanjaro" -- is melting at an astonishing rate. In fifteen years it will completely disappear

Another biased writing tactic. infact, does the author (Tom Dickinson) actually beleive people will consider him a teller of the future. for proof that we dont know this melting will happen, watch the weather channel for your area and than watch the weather outside. i was told just this weekend that a strom with winds upwards of 60 mph and terenchel rain was headed for the Iowa City/Coralville area. It never came. I could explain other logic, and theories on predictions, but i think this sums up that bullshit.

e)Once Bush became president, however, reducing carbon emissions was the first promise he broke -- and his record has been all downhill from there. Only two months after taking office, the administration withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol, the global treaty that the United States signed in 1997 to set strict limits on greenhouse emissions. Instead, Bush instituted a voluntary emissions plan that has been an abject failure: So far, only fourteen companies have pledged to curb their CO2 output.

Heres a big kicker, Dickinson of course doesnt tell you why the "Bush-runs-the-entire-government-because-checks-and-ballances-dont-exist administration" left Kyoto (i dont know either, which is why this article would be wise to tell you), and somehow leads us to beleive its Bush's entire fault that thes companies arent enforcing this. I wonder what Momar Khadafi's enviornmental plan was, or Beruit's, or even Mexico's. becuase, this isnt a joint fuck-up, its not even a senate or judicial branch fuck-up, just Bush.

f)Seven months later, the White House made wholesale revisions to the climate-change chapter of the EPA's "Report on the Environment," playing down human influence, deleting references to the health impacts of global warming and inserting climate data funded in part by the American Petroleum Institute. The EPA withdrew the altered chapter, acknowledging in an internal memo that it "no longer accurately represents scientific consensus on climate change."

Oh shit..yeah, man, sorry, forgot that the EPA was God, and should be regarded with such fervor.

g)Bush can rely on key Republicans in Congress to block any efforts to curb pollution and stave off disaster.

But of course, the democrats wont try and prevent this block, becuase, what we really need is more things to blame solely on the President.

h)James Inhofe, chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, dismisses global warming as a "hoax." In a speech last July, Inhofe compared the IPCC to the Soviets and extolled the virtues of what he called a "CO2-enhanced" world. "It is my fervent hope," he concluded, "that Congress will reject the prophets of doom who peddle propaganda masquerading as science in the name of saving the planet from catastrophic disaster."

Well, they say this guy is wrong becuase...oh wait, no, once again, thats not in there. Lord forbid he goes against God, i mean, the EPA.

i)As inhofe railed against global warming from the Senate floor, one "prophet of doom" was quietly working to defend America from global warming. Now in his eighties, Andrew W. Marshall is so renowned for his visionary powers that his admirers call him Yoda. But Marshall doesn't work for an environmental group such as Greenpeace, or even for what Inhofe calls the "Gestapo bureaucracy" of the EPA. He works for the Pentagon. As director of the Office of Net Assessment, a small branch of the Defense Department charged with identifying long-term threats, Marshall had been worried about worldwide climate reports ever since the military's disastrous experience in Somalia. In 1993, a U.S. helicopter was shot down in the capital city of Mogadishu, and the body of an American soldier was dragged through the streets. What was the U.S. doing there in the first place? Guarding a famine-relief effort that had been precipitated by a severe drought. If localized dry weather could lead to Black Hawk Down, the Pentagon worried, just imagine what kind of trouble a sudden shift in the global climate could bring.

Quite simply this is saying: haha, you cant say its just the EPA, becuase other people not involved agree, which of course isnt supposed to happen in your argument. he is right about Mogadishu, becuase it'll allways be us fighting for/protecting people the U.N forgets to remember.

j)As Europe plunges into a Siberian chill, the rest of the globe continues to sizzle. Sea levels rise. Megadroughts strike worldwide, spawning dust bowls and destroying crops. The world suffers from "catastrophic shortages of water and energy supplies." Earth's "carrying capacity" -- militaryspeak for the number of people it can feed - drops radically. Given the deadly shortages of food, civilization erodes as "constant battles for diminishing resources" become the norm. "Every time there is a choice between starving and raiding," Schwartz writes, "humans raid." America turns inward, attempting to shield itself from the flood of refugees from the drought-stricken Caribbean. Hostilities arise between the U.S. and Mexico as both countries jockey for water from the Colorado River. Europe considers invading Russia for its food, and Japan eyes Russia's oil. Africa starves. Bangladesh is unlivable. Famine drives chaos in Asia. "Envision Pakistan, India and China - all armed with nuclear weapons - skirmishing at their borders over refugees, access to shared rivers and arable land," the scenario suggests. "In this world of warring states, nuclear-arms proliferation is inevitable."

"Once again," the report concludes starkly, "warfare would define human life."

Ok..then heres what made me laugh out loud.

This apocalyptic vision is not a prediction, Schwartz insists, but rather a scenario at the "outer edge of plausibility."

Honeslty, i thought Dickinson would say 'but reality' again, but even he doesnt have the heart to lie to us even further. Yesterday a solar flare had a 10% chance of wiping out the entire human race. Same shit, different scare tactic. But of course, Dickinson should make sure he gives Jerry Brukhaimer more ideas.

k) But limiting global warming will take a combination of aggressive policies -- and the full participation of the United States. "The United States emits something like one-fourth of the world's carbon dioxide," says King, the British science adviser. "There's little doubt we need American leadership." Increasing fuel standards is essential: Cars, trucks, ships and airplanes account for almost a third of global emissions. Planting more forests would help absorb carbon in the atmosphere -- China is currently spending $8 billion to plant nearly 9 million acres of new trees. Even a little energy efficiency would help: The amount of energy burned by 9 million American homes could power 19 million in Europe. Ultimately, though, putting the brakes on global warming will mean shifting to energy sources that are less destructive to the atmosphere. Even Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the world's most famous Hummer fan, has called for investment in a "hydrogen highway" in California, paving the way for CO2-free cars.

And i suppose Awwnold came up with that on his own, not like Bush said we should do it and everyone got mad and bitched about health care and tax cuts.

l) "I'm talking about nasty surprises," [Scientist Shneider] adds. "Are there more of those lurking? Undoubtedly."

What if they're aren't, and thats my point in this post, maybe America backed out of Kyoto becuse they didnt wan't to waste time on something that hadnt been researched against, so you can comment all you want on this, i'd like to see what you think, or just see you call me a war-mongering bastard. But its not my fault, Bush's allwoing of Co2 allowed for the dinosaurs to die out and start this whole mess, jeez.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

5 Best, 5 worst Movies of All Time
(a [short{fairly lax}] paper i did for film class)

I have seen a lot of movies, and I seem to enjoy more movies then hate them, so to string together both lists was hard, considering there were many movies I love (and own), and many movies I cant stand or don’t want to remember. For the Greatest movies of all Time I obviously had to go with what I have seen, therefore only one of these movies is from the classic Hollywood era, and most of them are post 1997. These movies must have a certain amount or ‘replayability’ and long lasting affect, and must fulfill the hard task of keeping me interested and intrigued. I had to exclude some of my favorites, including a plethora of Jackie Chan movies, and a handful of John Woo movies, because it seems the proper movie etiquette requires more then just mesmerizing cinematography, thus the movies on this list have a considerable mix of all elements.
1. Citizen Kane
When I began watching this film I figured I would get the same overrated feeling I got when I watched Casablanca. I didn’t. For a second I thought I was watching of movie from the late 20th century, because almost every element was in stark contrast to Casablanca. The cinematography Is brilliant and tells its own story, and this movie cannot be written better or acted more superbly, there is no single fray in this movies fabric, it tells a character study like no movie ever has, the rise and fall of a man, a Shakespearean tragedy. Even the title of this movie invokes power.
2. The Thin Red Line
Not only one of the greatest movies of all time, it is by far the most underrated and has received the most unneeded criticism. Many felt bored with the existentialism and poetry that lines this window into life, around the battle of Guadalcanal in World War II. I was disgusted to find how reviewers had forgot that movies is the stuff of life, and that its ok to not have a climax or resolution, because that doesn’t happen in everyday life. This movie’s beautiful cinematography and captivating score left me wordless, and because it is hard to put the metaphysical into language, it is equally hard to put vision of this movie into a paragraph.
3. Fight Club
The symbolism and social commentary of this fast paced, psychological adrenaline rush play well into its ironic title, leading people to believe it is as simple as it sounds. The cinematography in this movie is great, montages and heart-pounding music put you square in the word of our manic protagonist, tormented by his ever-present muse, the soap-peddling Tyler Durden. This movie is greatly acted, Ed Norton gives a performance on par with his stirring American History X, and Brad Pitt has definitely the best performance of his career.
4. Punch Drunk Love
If there is one movie that gives you the psychological imprint of its leading man, no movie does it better then Punk Drunk Love’s Barry Egan, a man tormented by his sisters and completely subversive and suppressed. The music and strange scene transition make you feel manic, and it is by far one of the greatest love stories and by far Adam Sandler’s greatest performance, if not on of the best characters in movie history. Paul Thomas Anderson has perfected his craft and made a movie gem that’s symbolism I’m still trying to figure out.
5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
I am glad that this is was first Charlie Kaufman Script, because I never need to read or see another one again, Another manic story about the importance of memories, told by people who would like them erased. I felt I was watching a magic show, because the cinematography and special effects were absolutely amazing, which hard to find among the easily done, overly pixilated Trite that is so over-used and overly cared about. The acting overall is some of the best I’ve seen, there wasn’t one person who didn’t do a more the superb job acting. This movies message about life and love sticks with you.

Bad Movies are bad for a handful of fundamental qualities, they are: overbearing, disgusting, terribly acted, stupidly conceived, have no logical message or real point, and have bad, bad, bad cinematography. Things I had to leave out were: every Jean Claude Van Damne movie, every Hulk Hogan movie, Every Steven Segal Movie, And every Jerry Bruckheimer movie.

1. Natural Born Killers
It pains me to even remember seeing the last half or so of this “ultra-modern Bonnie and Clyde”, what pains me most is the most horrendous cinematography known to man. Playing of the MTV-esque shaky camera ‘Journalism’ as such shows as Real World, the movie basically consist of terribly composed low angle shots of our protagonists, sometimes in black and white, for no reason. I am under the assumption that constant bad movie maker Oliver Stone was under the influence of heavy medication or illegal narcotics, because this movie makes no real point with its ultra violence, except some sort of ‘Mass Media caused apocalypse’, which this movie doesn’t seem to prevent, just plays upon. Juliette Lewis gives her worst performance (which is hard to pinpoint, since most of her movies have been bad), and Tommy Lee Jones annoyed my so much I wanted to cry, I forgot why I finished watching this movie.
2. Space Mutiny
This would be number one, if it wasn’t for the boys (and robots) at Mystery Science Theatre 3000, whose rendition of this movie goes up there with one of the best comedies. Using the special effects entirely from Battlestar Galactica, this movie is just composed of interior shots of some large boiler room with windows and sun coming through. I never could sting together a plot, I guess there was mutiny and some weird telepathy women who did yoga in randomly inserted shots, and a lot of people falling over railings in fight scenes. More then poorly edited, one women supposedly ‘dies’, and is found back at her computer a few scenes later. And of course this movie has the worst acting of all time; I just don’t want to talk about it. The main male character has some weird smirk on all the time, and delivers his lines like he’s reading directions to build a bicycle. Terrible.
3. Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.
Or the movie that brought about the reason why special effects are ruining movies. I am not entirely sure, but I think this movie had the first fully computer animated character next to live action actors, and not intended to be animated. This overall technique (along with it being the most hated character in movie history), made me feel sorry for the movies that still do this, I am much more impressed by real actors in suits because I know they’re there, this makes movies like Predator and alien much more cooler than any one of today’s movies. The new Star wars Trilogy is a mistake, and more then poorly casted.
4. Bowling for Columbine
Sure, this movie looks nice, but never have I felt more insulted as person then by watching this movie. Somehow, I, mild mannered John Ganiard, am responsible for slavery, the NRA, and the KKK because of the color of my skin, and I should feel guilty. Never has a movie been so wrong, annoying, or more over appreciated then this. The biased editing and yellow tactics employed by the hypocritical and self-righteous Michael Moore don’t even help make a coherent, logical thesis, for I have yet to find one in this rambling, self serving documentary. I hate this movie, but it is too ‘chic’ to put at number 1.
5. Van Helsing
This movie is included purely because I wasted 7 dollars on it, the rest I had seen for free one way or another. Like Menace, this movie is composed of maybe 10 actors, and 40 CGI monsters. The settings and cinematography can be nice, but it’s annoying and extremely unwatchable, what’s worse is that it is making money. Kate Beckinsale is staring in increasingly bad movies and doing increasing bad movies, and Hugh Jackman is annoying and a generally creepy guy. If this is how movies are headed, I don’t want to be around for any more.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

I didn't study scripture so I could bring at all back

"We wear baggy shorts!"

As Dave Chapelle said afore beginning his new glorious and infamous season of Chapelle's show, "I'm back, bitches!" yes, you who read this are in fact in some sense my bitches, but you do not either owe me money, or solicit sins to my dearest friends.

Anywhatever, I have 30 minutes before I want to get to bed and had a few topics floating around in this cluttered noggin, and the one that's stands out most is my confusion for "punk/ska/emo" rock music and "this shit sounds like a goth singing country/nickleback/'alternative' " rock. and thing that got me thinking about all this was Fuse channel, the somewhat Canadian MTV (minus shows about close-to-retarded blondes and what times rich musician shit) channel that has more band commercials then Ted Kennedy has hookers (ok that was low, but I needed to keep up my always important parenthesis side quotes). Anyways, my first peeve is with this whole rock shindig is that half of these bands have terrible songwriting/grammatical ethics. take New Found Glory, a "punk/ska/emo" rock band from some western place (that's where they're all from, this is my 3rd side quote). Now 'NFG' new CD is entitled Catalyst which according to my friend means: One that precipitates a process or event, especially without being involved in or changed by the consequences, or in simpler chemistry terminology: A substance, usually used in small amounts relative to the reactants, that modifies and increases the rate of a reaction without being consumed in the process. Now, the lyrics to 'NGFs' song "All Downhill From Here" go a lil something like this:

Catalyst, you insist to pull me down
You contradict the fact that you still want me around
And it's all downhill from here
And it's all downhill from here

If I may be frank and lazy, what the fuck? , now it seems to me that a catalyst is something that sparks or is in assistance to a happening. I am not a nerd, but knowing a rudimentary amount of chemistry I know that the opposite of a catalyst is a Inhibitor. And for more proof of this songs stupidity, lets take a look at another song that uses vocabulary correctly, a little outfit I enjoy by the name of Cursive. This song, "The Night I Lost The Will To Fight", has this as its opening stanza:

I need a catalyst, to rekindle the flame
That once burned within these fists where defeat remains

well what do you know, the person in this song would like to spark something, and what a most choice way of doing, the correct use of vocabulary. Why does this matter? Because a songs message is important, or else a song wouldn't have lyrics, and therefore it is important that you have a good vocabulary, and that this vocabulary exerts a certain amount of truth and is grammatically correct. This point comes through with similar wordy bands like Thrice, Coheed and Cambria, Story of the year, and Dashboard Confessional, is that all these bands sound exactly the same, and its gets confusing. Of course, not as confusing as what I basically call the new country, and everyone else still calls it 'alternative [insert whatever]'. Somehow we went from soundgarden and nirvanna, and winded up with nickleback and seether and all that. they are country because a) they're vocals are stolen from it and b) they're always doing little 'team-ups', evanesence's Amy Lee is passed around more then... Ted Kennedy's Hookers. Hopefully, popular music can grow out of 'cliques' but it seems like the music biz is pushing more and more of the same tired product, and I have once again found solace in strange confused Indie rock and folk, and of course the wide array of Underground rap and other such joys of mine, so just keep your ears to the ground kids.

p.s, i realize my physical grammar sucks more then...Ted Kennedy's hookers (out of jokes), but the point i'm pushing is the songwrting and vocabulary choices.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

testing bloggers new comment option

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Blog Crawling
it's beer crawl week here in good old iowa city, so last night surveyed the drunks downtown, and then looked at some new blogs, and left some comments i wish i would have made into longer posts, ill include a few of them here.

from the quarterwit:
Growing Pains : Mike Seaver Finds God
Kirk Cameron went and got himself some religion, some kind of creepy version of it, anyway, in the form of a ministry he started: "The Way of the Master." And he loves to try to get others to jump on his bandwagon. Beware of evangelism and proselytizing within...

my comment :
yeah. some of that stuff is laughable, being an agnostic myself, i can be bombarded by alot of people at my catholic school handing me books and all that. but yesterday i decided to talk to a guy who was standing alone on street corner atop a stool, preaching gospel and thats it, no anti-gay anti-jew stuff, just old testment morals and things about JC. i told him a lot of people dont appreciate what he goes through (he was being taunted by the drunk bar-crawlers that night, all in same shirts in such a blatant herd mentalitly), and that technicaly, all practicing christians are suposed to do what he does, he wasnt crazy at all, he shaked my hand and said he appreciated the encouragement. so some of those guys is crazy, and some of those guys is just making a living

Posted by Beyond Good & Evil at May 8, 2004 12:42 PM

and a nother little tidbit from Byron Crawford:
Nas' Streets Disciple pushed back
Was at this morning looking for more people we could hunt and kill when I saw this bullshit. Basically, rather than putting out this album as a double disc on July 2 like he was planning to, now he's going to whittle it down to a single disc and drop it on September 14, his 31st birthday instead. My guess is the shit will either get bootlegged and end up being released before the summer's over, or he somehow manages to not have it out by September 14 even, but keep pushing it back until it finally comes out in December or something. Either way, this is pretty gay. I was all set to have new Nas in a coupla months and now I probably won't. Can a brother at least get a new Lost Tapes?

My Comment(s):

some beef:

-rappers get itchy with release dates, ive noticed this with Jay and MF Doom, shit gets bootlegged and the outcomb can be less then as perfect as it could have been (i wonder how Doom woulda sounded pre-gettingbootlegged)
-i have no quams with internet downloads and mp3's an all that, but coming from a family of Hi-Fi fanatics, i have been drawn to the side of 'mp3s are terrible for hi-fi', that and car stereo sytems, which rappers who frequent 'cribs' have all hooked up.... my relationship with rap is strained by the hi-component cable

Posted by: Beyond Good & Evil | May 8, 2004 12:50 AM

-oh yeah, in the words of my brother "nelly is a no-talent ass clown"

Posted by: BG&E | May 8, 2004 12:55 AM