Tuesday, April 27, 2004

First He Giveth, Then He Taketh Away

I have been thinking a lot about God, I don't know what has drawn me to this theological week I've been having, but perhaps its linked to the picture above, a comic called 'The Light Brigade', published by DC comics. In brief, it is about a group of half-angels (devious angels matted with early man, thus birthing wingless immortal beings) who God tried to kill off in the Flood, surviving, the angels are angry with God, and steal his almighty sword. And so a group of G.I's stationed in Normandy, get caught up in this heavenly battle when they run into a bunch of these pseudo-angels walking around with Nazi uniforms on. The G.I's squad leader, is also involved in this battle though, as he is the still-living roman centurion who speared the side of Jesus whilst he was on the Cross.
Now.. I'm not exactly saying I've been thinking about all that odd science-fiction story stuff, but lately, I've been running into God, haphazardly, I developed a theory on Donnie Darko based on the premise of God, and it turns out the director of movie didn't have his own distinct theory, saying only, 'there is a rift in the time-space continuum'. I considered the presence of the Devil in John Goodman's character in Barton Fink. It's strange, I go to a catholic school and I'm more aware and intrigued by a heavenly body outside of school and religion then in. I have doubts, and then there are times when I'm actually talking to God. Its strange, it is on par with the feeling you get when you look out at the stars when your walking into your house after a long day, and you think 'how..' and your utterly confounded. What is this God, a Cultural Phenomenon? While in Athens, St. Paul tried to appeal to the Athenians saying they have shrines to many god's, but one shrine says 'To an Uknown God', Paul conveys to the crowd who this unknown god is, saying it is the same god as his. Its strange, how religions have weeded themselves out to form a major triad who worship the same Abba, Yahweh, God. When it starts to become clear that you might be the only inhabited planet in this vacuum of space, when you realize, or hurt your brain realizing that there is space, existence, matter, you wonder "How something than nothing?". Many believe science has the answer, many believe religion does. Yet I am unfounded, believing that if the brain can realize its own conscience-ness, how can you ask it to excell forward. Science tells us our intelligence is founded in cranial mutation that made our Jaw smaller, and cranial capacity larger, and that must give every nihilist on earth quite a high, but I still cant comprehend life, and sometimes I wonder if we can really call God an opiate, for we haven't any species higher who can tell us. There is only us, left to revel in our own majesty, playing a table-tennis game of God is living and God is dead. Still, in the end, I cant help myself from speculating to think that maybe is just because of the universe's tragic futility that there can be no God, and also a reason why there could.