Wednesday, March 10, 2004

yeah, whatever
so I made it, the highschool projectt, linkage to the side, its another site, its a glossary, its humorous, so check it out!

new game:
I found out through the counter thingy, that people have found my site while searching for stuff about the restaurant takanami, therefor im going to see how many visits i can get by placing some hot search topics in the post, heregoes:

Jacko is Wacko!
Free weed!
computer games!
Quiznos ad campaign!
Martha Stewart is going to jail!
Ana Kournicova!
Will Ferrel!
The Passion of The Christ!
Mel Gibson is hot!

so, if you came here from searching for that, I GOTCHU SUKA! ill update how many people have come across me while searching for the above.


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