Monday, March 15, 2004

stupid antics

ok, im sorry im not writing, but this prank gone horibly wrong should hold you over. basicly this person didnt know my sn, so i just screwed around, and eventually it got to the point of mass absuridty, becuase this person thought we were somone else, for no effing reason. brilliant.

Gtum x2: is this orlando bloom??!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!???!?!?!?!
girlfromschool: lol
girlfromschool: who is this?
Gtum x2: a big LOTRfan, omg omg, are you orlando bloom??!!?!??!?!?!
girlfromschool: seriously, who is this. haha. is this [ sally ] ?

-5 minutes of deliberation-

Gtum x2: yes
girlfromschool: you're so funny
girlfromschool: what does gtum mean?
Gtum x2: it means, great times under moonlight
Gtum x2: times 2, lol!
girlfromschool: lol
girlfromschool: that's interesting
Gtum x2: i know, hahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahahaha
girlfromschool: i luv your icon
Gtum x2: i dont know what it is, hahahahahhahahahahahahahaha
girlfromschool: it's a cute lil runner guy
Gtum x2: hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
girlfromschool: you're such a goofus
Gtum x2: lol, i know, lol, im in an excited mood
girlfromschool: did [ billy ] talk to you?
girlfromschool: and how come you didn't go mass yesterday again?
Gtum x2: uh
Gtum x2: lol
Gtum x2: lol
girlfromschool: [some nickname for this sally person] ?
Gtum x2: wha?
girlfromschool: y weren't you at mass?
Gtum x2: becuase i was busy
girlfromschool: so did u talk to [billy] ?
Gtum x2: do you think [billy] still likes me?
girlfromschool: yeah totally
girlfromschool: did u talk to him? is that why you're excited?
Gtum x2: maybe lol!
girlfromschool: oh my god!
girlfromschool: did he ask you to prom?
Gtum x2: not yet, do you think he will?omg
girlfromschool: omg!!!!! i'm squealing right now!!!!
girlfromschool: totally!
girlfromschool: what did u talk about?????
Gtum x2: omg!!!!!!!!!!
girlfromschool: you don't sound like you at all
girlfromschool: is this seriously [sally]?
Gtum x2: wha??
Gtum x2: lol omg
Gtum x2: anyways back to [ billy ]
girlfromschool: this is so not [sally]...
Gtum x2: put [your pet dog] on
Gtum x2: lol
girlfromschool: if this is [sally] then what did I eat last night that broke my lenten promise
girlfromschool: ?
Gtum x2: lol duh thats easy
girlfromschool: yeah...
Gtum x2: lol

-5 minutes of critical thinking-

Gtum x2: sweets and pop
girlfromschool: omg, is this nathan?
Gtum x2: what omg
Gtum x2: lol
Gtum x2: put [your dog] on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
girlfromschool: what specifically did i eat?
girlfromschool: this is so not [sally]
Gtum x2: you seem giddy, did tonzee talk to you last night?
Gtum x2: omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
girlfromschool: who?
Gtum x2: tony silly
Gtum x2: and you had a cookie last night, duh
Gtum x2: lol
girlfromschool: who the hell is this? and no. if he did I wouldn't be giddy
girlfromschool: and i didn't have a cookie!
Gtum x2: what about nathan, he makes me feel warm and tingly inside
girlfromschool: you're such a dumbass
Gtum x2: do you feel warm and tingly about nathan?
girlfromschool: no
Gtum x2: omg lol
Gtum x2: put [your dog] on right now
girlfromschool: you're a dumbass
Gtum x2: your right, i would like to apologize
Gtum x2: im sorry
girlfromschool signed off at 5:40:39 PM.


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