Monday, March 29, 2004

Political venting

I came across this piece of news detailing that basically Saddam is having fun and not answering questions he is being asked while held in detention, house intelligence dude Porter Gross called it a 'patience process', I can only imagine. Also, this little segment is included:

-On Sunday, Jacques Verges, a French lawyer who claims to be representing Saddam at his family's request, said he expects that a trial is still some time away. Verges has not met with Saddam and is trying to act as his lawyer from afar, a U.S. intelligence official said.- ...
-Verges said he believes the United States has violated the Geneva Conventions in its detention of Saddam, and said the world must wait for a trial to determine whether Saddam was guilty of wrongdoing.
"We know that Mr. Bush has said he's guilty," Verges told Associated Press Television News. "But what does that mean? Mr. Bush is not a judge. We cannot accept him as a judge. He is an enemy of Saddam Hussein."-

Ok, now its hard to critique this guy because my 'mindless war-mongering' might come in to play and get all 8 people who come here (who happen to be fairly liberal minded) mad, but honestly, the term borderline insane has never fit so perfectly- it does say he 'claims', but that can be misleading. On an off-note, (without being to strong, I'll use dislike) I dislike the Geneva convention, it's suprising how it has been accepted(to a point of verbal commitment), but in a sense, its rules for warfare, and quite frankly, that's a) impossible, and b) exercised in a very hypocritical manner. Anyways, when you gas your northern countrymen for not liking you, I would think you would be breaking some international law, but of course, our prison camp treatment far outweighs that problem, and also that of the mass graves to which only very few people (independently working Americans) have committed to putting in DNA matching for families. We do know bush said he's guilty, but forget bush, he's a down south cowboy fool. So go ask the all the people screaming for justice upon Saddam, they might tell you his secret raids on their family, and raping and tortures. Or go ask his soccer team, who must of had a great time when Uday put them in the Iron Maiden. When you're Saddam's lawyer, its hard, but he should honestly come up with a better defense mechanism then 'Bush is wrong', because quite frankly, the war has little to do with this, Saddam being captured was a goal of the war, but the intent of having him being presented and tried by an Iraqi Tribunal was left in the hands of the 'democracy we forced them to make', and even if we did force them, its their trial,not the presidents. And a majority of the population would not mind it.

Also, I've paid a bit of attention to the 911 commission on investigating what was known about possible Al-Queda attacks by the Clinton and Bush administration, and honestly I've got one thing to say, stop it. When we have a rape trial, we dont investegate what the victim 'might have known' about 'possibly being raped', becuase that person got attacked. we got attacked by Al-Queda, and if what we are doing overseas isnt helping, i dont know how this DOES. We could investegate why slavery happened, and what the goverment alowed and why, but what would that help, slavery happned. September 11th happened, and as great thinkers put it so long ago 'history is a dead weight on the present'. what is this solving? if it is supposed to teach us lesson, why arent we trying to change anything, and just blaming administations and partaking in 3rd grade recess arguments.
Our country may have failed us, it may have not paid attention to the information, but this is what happens, and the true aim after such a horrifying attack like September eleventh is to change, to read into things more, and that's what we have been trying to do, by figuring out what went wrong we only form a murky view of what happened, and then we are left with no way to go back in time to do things, this case will never be solved, because history can never be solved or re-ordered perfectly, so why we still bother is an absolute mystery to me.


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