Monday, March 08, 2004

the highschool projectt

please be warned, that many of you who might be around me in the next few days, this post will put me in the ranks of dorkdom, or whatever fucking name we have for it, so read at your on risk, i guess.

theres a new thing im thinking of to do with stuff. *ahem*, i have an idea in mind, just in mind so i cant really process that into any kind of words, anyways, i have a title, the highschool projectt. now whether this will be a new blog (eh..doubtfull), or a continuous updated "side-track" to my normal, unorthodox posts (most likely), is yet to be seen. but i am slowly realizing that i have to have something other than sparatic nonesense here or there, and i've also been thinking i need to do something that i feel is important, the highschool projectt will be this. expect social philosophy, commentary, analysis, and other such serious tones into a somewhat humorus look into the world i currently occupy, highschool. i might not post this untill i can figure out what its about, and when im on spring break (friday, about 6, directly after getting my complete and total drivers licensce).

also, i didnt subscribe to Effing haloscan so you can just laze around, be proactive, part of my posts, and a big part of the highschool projectt will be about commenting. if you think my comic is racist, tell me, i like that.


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