Tuesday, March 16, 2004

AwesomeDude88: lol, my sn is so totally awesome, so STFU, haha, im rick james, biatch, lol, jk

heres a thought, it's very likely and very much acceptable for a person to be shy in person. these people, 'shy types', as they might be called, are ussually considered very attractive and 'mysterious'. but how honestly stupid is it to be shy on the internet? i suffer from this affliction, i waste years of my life sitting and watching this little window of screen names sign on and off, to affraid to talk to them. "what the fuck? you just posted a huge ass prank". I know, funny, innit? i pull the occasional prank, but most of the time im sitting, reading peoples info, like some fat redheaded woman, tired of her temp job, eating twinkies and sighing.
I heard that McDonalds is trashing the beloved 'super size', and thus i think Time Warner should trash its 'AIM/AOL', becuase its just fat for the masses. honestly, becuase soon enough people will start suing AOL for making them fat, for making them sit all day on their lazy asses and do jack shit and eat wheat thins. Furthermore,after it is gone, America would go into complete shock, people would be saying "what do i do now?", they might start saying LOL and TTYL on the phone, so not only would help people to start reading books again, it would be hillarious. A few days ago when my local bitch of an internet provider, Mediacom, failed to 'reboot [our] rueter' or some crazy thing, i felt the strange phenomenom of not using AIM, and it made me think of what a lazy asshole i am, sure, i can drive, i go do things, but most of my life is spent staring at Way2cute4you33Unicorns sn, and thats just plain stupid.


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