Friday, February 06, 2004

You're obviously intoxicated

I constructed a formula to win every argument, based loosely of losing them to a friend

the steps:
1. Make whatever argument to the current subject at hand, lets say: paying taxes for public schools, and you say you shouldn't have to because your at a private school
2. Your opponent rebuttals with: "you don't use the fire department, should you not pay for them?"
3. Counter with: "firemen are good..", then when your opponent tries to speak again, yell "Shut up! Your wrong and you know it, you wont even let me finish"
4. Your opponent will try to tell you his argument and why its justified, in turn, you describe your argument, and describe it as the exact same thing they just said, like 'of course you should pay taxes for things you don't use'
5. You opponent being confuse will say "I just said that"
6. Reply with: "no, you said something wrong"


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