Thursday, February 05, 2004

"what do you know about dicken's books?" "..they suck"

occasionally after 3:10 dismissal I find a slew of girls and their shitty boom-box popping a move or wiping their shoulders of non-existent dirt. It's a culture I am openly ignorant to, but they, being white female iowans, are essentially equal in this respect. Now people can do and listen to whatever they want for all I care, and as it seems, as anyone else could care. I am not one to place should-be moral values on arbitrary cultural annoyances, but I feel completely devoid of any attraction to the above-said, and I feel as though this thought is some kind of mutation to the steady stream of assimilation with current radio-played music. In fact I recall a myriad of times in study hall when my copies of the posies, or john coltrane, death cab for cutie, or uncle tupelo have been pointed to with a look of confusion and condescension, and the words 'what's this?'. Part of the contempt twoards these tastes could be my own loud mouth, running off thoughts without thinking about the impact of saying them. but even so, the mortal sin of enjoying whatever music is an undescirable presence. you dont win pointless, unavoidable music arguments when your opponet starts of 'this sucks'. but i cant shut up about it, about the stupid, strange, un-heard of stuff i listen to to get attention, or be a non-conformist through. assmilation is a joy and a pain, and i'll never get it right.


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