Thursday, February 26, 2004

a tale of two cities

am i insane?
or is my soap growing a membrane?
maybe cause every time i lather up i get the feeling theres nothing to gain
so i kill it softly and let it waste
and never have to stare my hygene in the face
like one sydney carton
who in book two, chapter thirteen parted ways
with whatever chance he had of catching a lay
even though the lucky lady did everything to make the bastard stay
so he melodramitcly goes back to the booze
abusing the bottle, letting his pussy side ooze
and thats when i decided to kick it full throtle
but not with the sideburns and the shades
instead the opposite of the term retrograde
but now that i think, i guess in a tense
i wouldnt mind losing my cells inner sense
becuase have you ever seen spider man?
when peter wakes up with 10 times the muscle tone and a nice tan?
but thanks to my execellent work ethic ill be much more like michael mann
or do i mean moore, or the the whiny fat man in the score.
but i guess i should thank the lord for every time he wakes my lazy ass the fuck up.
oh sorry, ill stop swearing and buck up
and pull that undershirt down, tuck it in, and suck up
shouldnt i be 'going out on a limb' to get 'trim'
becuase i certainly am the master of attaing goals
like the time in three seconds i became unmotivated to get up and grab a cereal bowl
and at books im even better, but if everyone one could just shut the hell up
maybe i'd understand more why estelle give that whiny brit a chance
yet here i go, blaming my ills on circumstanse
and raking up kills in ancient battlelands
living off the fat of the land,and wasnt junior high grand?
thats when i learned to be passive, emotionaly detached, and embarrased to take a stand
and a big hats off to the anxiety weight
maybe i could have moved at eight
becuase this is certainly not 'how i escaped my certain fate'
so lets rant about my day, in a trivial uninteresting way
say, speaking of dickens novels...
nope, sorry, gotta read about the hob-goblin
or whatever x-men dies and goes away,
i never got to see the last time gambit threw his last set of cards
like that black kid threw moves to take that girl out of juliard
i swear i never saw that flick
and i swear i wouldnt be surprised if that chick had a dick
now im not sick, just a little unsettling
and i probably would have turned out ok
if it wasnt for the meddling


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