Thursday, February 12, 2004

So, it's valentines day, kinda, in this vicinty of my four day weekend its valentines day. the day some guy got his head seperated from his neck, and whos last name was valentine. And lil' children get an entire half day of their learnings to pass out dated pictures of steve young, saying " im throwing you the ball of love", or something. i remember staying up late sometimes making sure i remebered everyone in my class, and made sure i gave the right ones to the guys and to the girls, and the non-flirtatcious ones to ugly girls and melvins, such as myself. I would make a shoe box with pictures and crap on it, and wait during the pass-out time for the girls i liked to place in my carefully constructed valentines holder some folded picture of some cartoon charchter, with their name quickly scribbled on it. then id eat the candy and, and feel extremely happy that i didnt have any redumentry arthrimatic to do. and this is what we call a holiday. not much has changed, yesterday for two bucks you could by a carnation and have a message attached, a hopeless cause for those looking to pick someone up, and a 'cute' gift from your significant other, or just for a freind. i didnt have two bucks.

Heres a valentines song for you: Yeah Yeah Yeahs' maps


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