Saturday, February 14, 2004

poop hair and sun goddesses

I have come to a conclusion. Hippies don't die. They don't go away, they are a ever present kind of human being who pro-creates with other hippes, making a stronger and stronger hippie. People don't mind either, they think hippie nostalgia is cute and fun, because they don't get it, and they think that tye-dye shirts are neato and just swell. We like watching stupid movies with flower-children and clowns with suspenders and afros who embody the life and death Jesus Christ with zany songs and annoyingly stupid parables, and watching the wizard of oz with dark side of the moon playing. For decade days at American high-schools, its always 60s or 70s, and everyones always a hippie. Hippies span out and listen to metal bands, join the church of wicca, and revisit terrible songs and bumper stickers to perpetuate a time that wont go away, and that the majority of t.v stations and modern fashion culture is obsessed with.
But why? There's more interesting cultures out there, more interesting then the smelly guys living in old vans in the forrest, eating orange slices to get over the bad the trip they had about being chased by the black troll. The whole nu-hippie world doesn't even embody the good music and interesting times that lasted a few years, its just tired and old. They still don't get jobs, they think selling bumper stickers will help legalize the drug that doesn't kill, but makes lazy, smelly, semi-retarded bastards who spend hours thinking there hands are invisible. There were a lot of good bands to come out of that era,and make an impact on music, but a lot of hippies back then listened to shit. And now older hippies just listen to drum circle tribal things, and all the new indie dreadlock hippies listen to bob marley, the most over-rated musician ever. They think that by taking acid and mushroom that they can touch the face of God or something, and expand their brain and be one with the universe,and come up with 'genius' theories about the spirits who control us. I'm sick of it, if it weren't for questionable conflicts and wars, hippies would have nothing to do. In fact their whole driving philosophy is undermined by the fact that they wouldn't be around if weren't for jfk sending us to war, and dick and lbj keepn on truckn. So pack up your threads, take down your black light posters and incense , take the poop and bees-wax out your dreads, and go bother some other military power.

Ok so I'm grumpy and semi-sarcastic. I just needed to write


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