Sunday, February 15, 2004

new day, new rant

I hate Rolling Stone. It is the single most terrible magazine ever to come out and be awesome and then whore itself to stupid trends, and half-ass politics. The fact that now it gives DVD bundles to the person with the most crazy-ass overzealous letter to the editor makes me sick. They even think they can be a smart political magazine. and i have a message for them: Leave smart politics to the new republic and the weekly standard, bitch. Honestly, I shouldn't even read but im always wanting to know what music they like, after im done reading magnet or mojo, but i always get caught up and angry in its mix of two things i don't like mixed, politics and music. WTF? You may type in your head, but seriously, I cant stomach the two together. Yeah, I know, some of the best music is political, say bob dylans "its all right ma", or Mr. Lif's entire album. But I like it because its good, not because I let it shape what I think. Its cool to make a song, a social commentary using metaphors, but when rolling stone is telling me the best songs are blatant political songs, like..Oh, whatever Rancid does, you know, something clever like "let roaches eat bushes bowels" or something, and then go on to say how brave and great that it, it reminds me of the sketch on, of that guy who wants to shit on the flag, but he cant get the poop out, basically saying that stuff like that is an empty gesture.
And what's worse, people follow this shit blindly, like, "its so cool that [some celebrity/musician] endorses [some political candidate]",and then they think there just as smart and down-to-earth as that celebrity. I think good musicians make good music, blend lyrics well, etc. I don't think they are brilliant political thinkers, like well.. Brilliant political thinkers. Music shouldn't have to assimilate itself with political ideas, because music itself show the purest form of genius that man has to offer, the greatest thing that sets us apart from the rest of the inhabitants of this world, if I can say that without sounding like some Zarathustra. Yeah, i'm guilty for not liking Rage cause i think they're commies, or being turned off from an album for its overlying political tone, and I recognize that's just as worse as what I have been ranting about. But now, overall after listening to myself think, I like music for its music, goddamnit.


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