Saturday, February 28, 2004

Last night was my 'birthday', and because I have nothing to write about, and am feeling very embarrassed about my late night excursion into rap lyricism (see last post), I have decided to review like a reviewer, everything I got/ate last night

Takanami: I had no idea you could randomly mix japanese cuisine with French taste and dish presentation, but in Iowa city, who gives a shit. The restaurant is totally of the hook, it can be blamed for officially making me obsessed with Japan. Every table is given a dish full of pea-pod things, covered in Parmesan, which are totally awesome. I had Octopus sushi, which looks like cheese spread on bacon, but I could see the litlle tentacles, and pigs don't have tentacles. Regardless, octopus sushi is awesome. I also had a tuna roll sushi which was really quite tasty,and some salmon sushi..(eh). I had a dumpling, but dumplings are dumplings. My dad let me try saki, which was kinda bland, but then totally makes your through constrict, which was weird. for my main course i had some lil' steak loins, cooked perfectly, and tempura potatoes, which were also cool. for desert i had baileys triple chocolate cake, very rich and hard as a rock. so that was my dinner.

Curb your enthusiasm, season 1: what a great show full of embarrassing little things, like pants that make you look like you have an erection, and loosing your shoes in a bowling alley. the cool packaging design, and pull out disc-holders are neato.

Best of Will Ferrel: youve seen all the skits, and the ones youd want to see arent in there, but if you want to see the greatest audition ever, two funny conan interviews, and a cut sketch in its dress rehearsal form, with will as an 'old prospector', then its definitely worth the 13 bucks best buy cheaply charges.

Unbreakable: the most underrated movie in my opinion, cool packaging but extra features that are in every collectors edition movie...

Atmosphere: sevens Travels: a really, really, really well done album, slug's rhymes are very poetic at points, and straight up in your face at others. very cool sleeve art too.

Murs: the end of the beginning: bluntly, Murs says everything thing you would want to hear from a rapper, everything. he gives you the straight story and its refreshing and full of awesome beats. if i would have gotten this when it came out, it would have totally made my year.

Kill.Switch: a sleeper hit of a game. tactical without making you frustrated MGS style. smoothly blends sniping, duck and cover, and pray&spray, into one nice tight, good-storied, package. plus there's a level selector, which in my opinion, makes it a buy, otherwise, its pretty short, so without that element it would be just a rent.


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