Sunday, February 01, 2004

Idlewild is a Scottish band, thus, they are awesome

je-zeus, blogging is difficult, i've joined about 8,230,538,092,359,002 sites to keep up with stuff.

but enough about pointless exaggeration

while downloading patch v1.6 for Battlefield 1942, which gave me a new level,the Canadian army, and forced me like a nazi to download punkbuster vote-kick software...and lagged everything, and most games freeze..and there is huge ping spikes...and they call it a patch? anyways, while downloading above-said bullshit, i stumbled upon a new game, with screen and vids that gave my special purpose a tingle, Battlefield Vietnam, looks to blow up and overload and subsequently destroy every normal persons computer, but thats the point, right? the game will also feature all those hypnotic acid-rock protest songs from Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket. It's been my life long dream to sit in a chopper with my bandanna and an M-60, pumping round after round into the reds, go Kennedy and LBJ and Nixon!


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