Monday, February 23, 2004

I work hard, god damn hard

So, i'm getting into to a hip-hop fiasco. At shool, I am the guy who openly dislikes the rap they play at school dances and parties, outside of that, i am the guy who everyone is suprised to find a knowledge and library (albeit very very very....very short) of hip-hop in general. but it all breaks down like this, or should i say, Murs breaks it all down like this:

Opinions are like rap careers, everybodies got one
and most amount to zip, even less if its a hot one
like the radio songs, that make us sing along
becuase the beat is real heavy, and the look is real edgy
makes you nod your head steady, and you dont feel skectchy
till your all by yourself, and your riding around
and all a sudden realize how stupid it sounds
main stream or underground
away team or home town
it all boils down to the facts: wack is wack

not the greatest of all lyrics, but it makes its point. Becuase nothing blows my mind like awesomely insane jazz-samples and beats, mixed with and endless spew of inteligent, crazy 'mounts of vocab rhymes, and nothing annoys me more than over-used tina turner samples and 7 lyrics, most of which involving 'What?'.


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