Monday, February 02, 2004

I too, enjoy the sandwich

Snow day: A Recap

5:15 am: awoken to the two most awsomest words: "schools canceled", fall back asleep
10:00 am: look out side and see the same amount of snow that was out previoulsly, freak out and begin to wonder if I missed school, log on AIM and make sure
11:00 am: breakfast, 4 Egos and syrup
11:15 am: kill Nazis.
12:00 xm: lunchtime, make "johns super fantastic special extra awesome lunch", consisting of two turkey sandwiches with mayo, some squirt, lays potato chips, and Minnesota Vikings French Onion Dip. ponder upon where to eat, up stairs or down stairs.
12:30 pm: choose downstairs
12:31 pm: turn on comedy central and watch a sub-par,recycled, 'stuart' sketch on mad tv.
1:00 pm:try to get DoD for halflife, but i dont have 87$ to become a member of a file-sharing network that i won't ever use.
1:15 pm: read about how i can salvage the 1.6 patch, reboot computer to the words "[something] disk error", can't figure out problem 'till i eject some dated tax floppy dad was using.
2:00 pm: 1.6 patch makes game run smoother, kinda, so i subsequently kill more nazis, imperial japanese, and brits.
2:30 pm: go to majicistan to visit rum-tum, the magical lion, who takes me on his super-canooooo throughout the razzleberry rainforest. Kareem Abdul-Jahbar helps us on some wacky adventures to save the enchanted dew-beetles.
3:00 pm: stop daydreaming
3:30 pm: kill nazi's
5:something pm: get on the internet, my blog and others people blogs arent loading..get pissed, decide that making a post might do something to help this


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