Monday, February 02, 2004

I once had a case of blue balls for two days

I missed halftime last night. I was on my way to Kraytens after leaving a party at the begining of the show. I guess Janet 'my brother like boys' Jackson had a boob pop out when J-tizzle(he's blackified now) ripped her dress in a 'planned move'. WTF? he ripped the cover to her right boob off, for chrissakes. I'm Still waiting for pictures to be released.. :(. I did see the exiciting fourth quarter, and was most pleased with its outcome, i thought for sure Foxhole-Norman(Vin-Vin) was going to miss that field goal again. and...OH! today is an effing snow day! thats right so im going to do jack shit the next 12 hours, w00t!(someone tell me what that means).

i dont have a funny picture to post, so deal with it.


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