Saturday, February 28, 2004

the creed of john

i've been using this as a away message, but i thought i might post it up for coment, its weak and grumpy, but so are all other political thoughts i have shared. i think most go both ways, or 'bi-political', to coin a phrase

creed of john:

ill give you a fair and balanced view, as long as its more left then right, or more right then left

if i become a political speaker, ill cite the injutices of my homeland, just not the ones of the countries who do even worse

and ill certainly make sure that if i become in a very high posistion, ill make sure ill tolerate only the people i tolerate, and proclaim myself the martyr of all those who have had only the most obvious injustices

and i wont promote racism, unless its racism in reverse

and ill make sure if i ever become devoutly religous, ill also be devoutly passive


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