Wednesday, February 25, 2004

all this stuff is really *fresh*

i advise all 2 people that come here, to go here, and check out Peanut Butter Wolf & Charizma's 'Red light/ Green light'? why? becuase is the cheapest/finest music video i have seen in a long time, it made me laugh, jump up and down, and want to move to san jose, callifornia (circa 1992).

sunday is my 'real' birthday, of which i turn 16('4'). and, im very excited because my short film 'defeat to victory', will be shown at the Regina Fine Arts Showcase this sunday, 2-3, i beleive, (no cover yo! freeebiess!). Anyone who is in the IC area should totally come down and check out my, and the other Film students, shorts. I am also in "cr8ons journey", with the infamous scene of me 'masturbating' behind a trashcan, hopefully this will not come through to the parents watching it sunday, and i hope they realize that my real intent was to be acting all crazy like. but of course, when you are not the subject of the frame, and in the background in a trash can moving your head up and down and smiling, people assume things. Mr. Ceynar, my film teacher, said he was giving all us film kids dvd's of our abstact shorts, hopefully through your feedback, you can try to help me put these up here for viewing, which will most likely involve me joining another hosting service or something, but i would really like to show off my two minute short, becuase im very proud of it.


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