Saturday, February 28, 2004

the creed of john

i've been using this as a away message, but i thought i might post it up for coment, its weak and grumpy, but so are all other political thoughts i have shared. i think most go both ways, or 'bi-political', to coin a phrase

creed of john:

ill give you a fair and balanced view, as long as its more left then right, or more right then left

if i become a political speaker, ill cite the injutices of my homeland, just not the ones of the countries who do even worse

and ill certainly make sure that if i become in a very high posistion, ill make sure ill tolerate only the people i tolerate, and proclaim myself the martyr of all those who have had only the most obvious injustices

and i wont promote racism, unless its racism in reverse

and ill make sure if i ever become devoutly religous, ill also be devoutly passive

change is good
so, i realized that my url name is an acronym for goal, in a sense, so i changed my blogs name, thats right
Last night was my 'birthday', and because I have nothing to write about, and am feeling very embarrassed about my late night excursion into rap lyricism (see last post), I have decided to review like a reviewer, everything I got/ate last night

Takanami: I had no idea you could randomly mix japanese cuisine with French taste and dish presentation, but in Iowa city, who gives a shit. The restaurant is totally of the hook, it can be blamed for officially making me obsessed with Japan. Every table is given a dish full of pea-pod things, covered in Parmesan, which are totally awesome. I had Octopus sushi, which looks like cheese spread on bacon, but I could see the litlle tentacles, and pigs don't have tentacles. Regardless, octopus sushi is awesome. I also had a tuna roll sushi which was really quite tasty,and some salmon sushi..(eh). I had a dumpling, but dumplings are dumplings. My dad let me try saki, which was kinda bland, but then totally makes your through constrict, which was weird. for my main course i had some lil' steak loins, cooked perfectly, and tempura potatoes, which were also cool. for desert i had baileys triple chocolate cake, very rich and hard as a rock. so that was my dinner.

Curb your enthusiasm, season 1: what a great show full of embarrassing little things, like pants that make you look like you have an erection, and loosing your shoes in a bowling alley. the cool packaging design, and pull out disc-holders are neato.

Best of Will Ferrel: youve seen all the skits, and the ones youd want to see arent in there, but if you want to see the greatest audition ever, two funny conan interviews, and a cut sketch in its dress rehearsal form, with will as an 'old prospector', then its definitely worth the 13 bucks best buy cheaply charges.

Unbreakable: the most underrated movie in my opinion, cool packaging but extra features that are in every collectors edition movie...

Atmosphere: sevens Travels: a really, really, really well done album, slug's rhymes are very poetic at points, and straight up in your face at others. very cool sleeve art too.

Murs: the end of the beginning: bluntly, Murs says everything thing you would want to hear from a rapper, everything. he gives you the straight story and its refreshing and full of awesome beats. if i would have gotten this when it came out, it would have totally made my year.

Kill.Switch: a sleeper hit of a game. tactical without making you frustrated MGS style. smoothly blends sniping, duck and cover, and pray&spray, into one nice tight, good-storied, package. plus there's a level selector, which in my opinion, makes it a buy, otherwise, its pretty short, so without that element it would be just a rent.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

a tale of two cities

am i insane?
or is my soap growing a membrane?
maybe cause every time i lather up i get the feeling theres nothing to gain
so i kill it softly and let it waste
and never have to stare my hygene in the face
like one sydney carton
who in book two, chapter thirteen parted ways
with whatever chance he had of catching a lay
even though the lucky lady did everything to make the bastard stay
so he melodramitcly goes back to the booze
abusing the bottle, letting his pussy side ooze
and thats when i decided to kick it full throtle
but not with the sideburns and the shades
instead the opposite of the term retrograde
but now that i think, i guess in a tense
i wouldnt mind losing my cells inner sense
becuase have you ever seen spider man?
when peter wakes up with 10 times the muscle tone and a nice tan?
but thanks to my execellent work ethic ill be much more like michael mann
or do i mean moore, or the the whiny fat man in the score.
but i guess i should thank the lord for every time he wakes my lazy ass the fuck up.
oh sorry, ill stop swearing and buck up
and pull that undershirt down, tuck it in, and suck up
shouldnt i be 'going out on a limb' to get 'trim'
becuase i certainly am the master of attaing goals
like the time in three seconds i became unmotivated to get up and grab a cereal bowl
and at books im even better, but if everyone one could just shut the hell up
maybe i'd understand more why estelle give that whiny brit a chance
yet here i go, blaming my ills on circumstanse
and raking up kills in ancient battlelands
living off the fat of the land,and wasnt junior high grand?
thats when i learned to be passive, emotionaly detached, and embarrased to take a stand
and a big hats off to the anxiety weight
maybe i could have moved at eight
becuase this is certainly not 'how i escaped my certain fate'
so lets rant about my day, in a trivial uninteresting way
say, speaking of dickens novels...
nope, sorry, gotta read about the hob-goblin
or whatever x-men dies and goes away,
i never got to see the last time gambit threw his last set of cards
like that black kid threw moves to take that girl out of juliard
i swear i never saw that flick
and i swear i wouldnt be surprised if that chick had a dick
now im not sick, just a little unsettling
and i probably would have turned out ok
if it wasnt for the meddling

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

another thing

there isnt alot to like about bush, lets face it, hes not mr. solve-all-our-ills. but i was thinking, and sorta digging, and i remember hearing alot about bush going to war to flex political muscles and be like daddy, among other things. but its seems like we fail to realize and deconstruct other events, like clinton bombing empty targets in iraq shortly before the election, talk about flexing muscles. ok, ok, both arent prime examples of political greatness, but i wasnt alive for the reagean stuff people still complain about, or any carter fiascos, or those other presidents who no one cares about/ remembers, like william mckinley, or john adams nephew or whatever, or even rutherford b. hayes. so..yeah, i just thinkn.
all this stuff is really *fresh*

i advise all 2 people that come here, to go here, and check out Peanut Butter Wolf & Charizma's 'Red light/ Green light'? why? becuase is the cheapest/finest music video i have seen in a long time, it made me laugh, jump up and down, and want to move to san jose, callifornia (circa 1992).

sunday is my 'real' birthday, of which i turn 16('4'). and, im very excited because my short film 'defeat to victory', will be shown at the Regina Fine Arts Showcase this sunday, 2-3, i beleive, (no cover yo! freeebiess!). Anyone who is in the IC area should totally come down and check out my, and the other Film students, shorts. I am also in "cr8ons journey", with the infamous scene of me 'masturbating' behind a trashcan, hopefully this will not come through to the parents watching it sunday, and i hope they realize that my real intent was to be acting all crazy like. but of course, when you are not the subject of the frame, and in the background in a trash can moving your head up and down and smiling, people assume things. Mr. Ceynar, my film teacher, said he was giving all us film kids dvd's of our abstact shorts, hopefully through your feedback, you can try to help me put these up here for viewing, which will most likely involve me joining another hosting service or something, but i would really like to show off my two minute short, becuase im very proud of it.

Monday, February 23, 2004

I work hard, god damn hard

So, i'm getting into to a hip-hop fiasco. At shool, I am the guy who openly dislikes the rap they play at school dances and parties, outside of that, i am the guy who everyone is suprised to find a knowledge and library (albeit very very very....very short) of hip-hop in general. but it all breaks down like this, or should i say, Murs breaks it all down like this:

Opinions are like rap careers, everybodies got one
and most amount to zip, even less if its a hot one
like the radio songs, that make us sing along
becuase the beat is real heavy, and the look is real edgy
makes you nod your head steady, and you dont feel skectchy
till your all by yourself, and your riding around
and all a sudden realize how stupid it sounds
main stream or underground
away team or home town
it all boils down to the facts: wack is wack

not the greatest of all lyrics, but it makes its point. Becuase nothing blows my mind like awesomely insane jazz-samples and beats, mixed with and endless spew of inteligent, crazy 'mounts of vocab rhymes, and nothing annoys me more than over-used tina turner samples and 7 lyrics, most of which involving 'What?'.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

All World Cowboy Romance

So, I haven't updated in awhile . But I have been listening to a lot of a band called Mission of Burma, who came out with two landmark punk albums in 1981 and 82, following the first 'death of punk', in a era where anything that resembled punk was called 'post punk'. Regardless, they're great albums. Some of the most memorable anthems are on these albums, such as "that's when I reach for my revolver", and "academy fight song" which was later covered by R.E.M. You would think if they were so great, that they would release more than just albums (actually, one album, since Signals Calls and Marches is considered an EP, I still don't know what that means, but in essence is a single or mini-album). The fact is that band leader Roger Miller developed a serious case of tinnitus, an ear infection related with deafness, in which a large ringing blocks out most hearing, his tinnitus was related to the bands explosively loud live element. Regardless, they left a huge mark on punk music, if not all music.

Academy Fight Song

Walk into my room
Ask me jerky questions
Don't mean what you say
Immaculate Conception

Play by the rules
So close to the chest
Show that alls not lost
This is not a test.

Stay just as far from me as me from you.
Make sure that you are sure of everything I do.
'Cause I'm not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not
Your academy

The halls are like piss
The rooms are underlit
Still it must be nice
Such a perfect fit

What's that I hear?
The sound of marching feet
It has a strange allure,
Has a strange allure

Stay just as far from me as me from you.
Make sure that you are sure of everything I do.
'Cause I'm not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not
Your academy

Your academy

Maybe you're right,
I shouldn't judge
What's wrong or right,
It's all too much

I'm not judging you,
I'm judging me.
My academy.
Your academy
My academy.
Your academy

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

i do not condone pipe tobaccy, i do condone sweater vests

Monday, February 16, 2004

I got some pictures back from the theatre production of the TV great 'Get Smart'. I was Cheif, here's a picture of me rocking the sweater vest like its nobody's business...giggidy giggidy, allll right.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

new day, new rant

I hate Rolling Stone. It is the single most terrible magazine ever to come out and be awesome and then whore itself to stupid trends, and half-ass politics. The fact that now it gives DVD bundles to the person with the most crazy-ass overzealous letter to the editor makes me sick. They even think they can be a smart political magazine. and i have a message for them: Leave smart politics to the new republic and the weekly standard, bitch. Honestly, I shouldn't even read but im always wanting to know what music they like, after im done reading magnet or mojo, but i always get caught up and angry in its mix of two things i don't like mixed, politics and music. WTF? You may type in your head, but seriously, I cant stomach the two together. Yeah, I know, some of the best music is political, say bob dylans "its all right ma", or Mr. Lif's entire album. But I like it because its good, not because I let it shape what I think. Its cool to make a song, a social commentary using metaphors, but when rolling stone is telling me the best songs are blatant political songs, like..Oh, whatever Rancid does, you know, something clever like "let roaches eat bushes bowels" or something, and then go on to say how brave and great that it, it reminds me of the sketch on, of that guy who wants to shit on the flag, but he cant get the poop out, basically saying that stuff like that is an empty gesture.
And what's worse, people follow this shit blindly, like, "its so cool that [some celebrity/musician] endorses [some political candidate]",and then they think there just as smart and down-to-earth as that celebrity. I think good musicians make good music, blend lyrics well, etc. I don't think they are brilliant political thinkers, like well.. Brilliant political thinkers. Music shouldn't have to assimilate itself with political ideas, because music itself show the purest form of genius that man has to offer, the greatest thing that sets us apart from the rest of the inhabitants of this world, if I can say that without sounding like some Zarathustra. Yeah, i'm guilty for not liking Rage cause i think they're commies, or being turned off from an album for its overlying political tone, and I recognize that's just as worse as what I have been ranting about. But now, overall after listening to myself think, I like music for its music, goddamnit.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

poop hair and sun goddesses

I have come to a conclusion. Hippies don't die. They don't go away, they are a ever present kind of human being who pro-creates with other hippes, making a stronger and stronger hippie. People don't mind either, they think hippie nostalgia is cute and fun, because they don't get it, and they think that tye-dye shirts are neato and just swell. We like watching stupid movies with flower-children and clowns with suspenders and afros who embody the life and death Jesus Christ with zany songs and annoyingly stupid parables, and watching the wizard of oz with dark side of the moon playing. For decade days at American high-schools, its always 60s or 70s, and everyones always a hippie. Hippies span out and listen to metal bands, join the church of wicca, and revisit terrible songs and bumper stickers to perpetuate a time that wont go away, and that the majority of t.v stations and modern fashion culture is obsessed with.
But why? There's more interesting cultures out there, more interesting then the smelly guys living in old vans in the forrest, eating orange slices to get over the bad the trip they had about being chased by the black troll. The whole nu-hippie world doesn't even embody the good music and interesting times that lasted a few years, its just tired and old. They still don't get jobs, they think selling bumper stickers will help legalize the drug that doesn't kill, but makes lazy, smelly, semi-retarded bastards who spend hours thinking there hands are invisible. There were a lot of good bands to come out of that era,and make an impact on music, but a lot of hippies back then listened to shit. And now older hippies just listen to drum circle tribal things, and all the new indie dreadlock hippies listen to bob marley, the most over-rated musician ever. They think that by taking acid and mushroom that they can touch the face of God or something, and expand their brain and be one with the universe,and come up with 'genius' theories about the spirits who control us. I'm sick of it, if it weren't for questionable conflicts and wars, hippies would have nothing to do. In fact their whole driving philosophy is undermined by the fact that they wouldn't be around if weren't for jfk sending us to war, and dick and lbj keepn on truckn. So pack up your threads, take down your black light posters and incense , take the poop and bees-wax out your dreads, and go bother some other military power.

Ok so I'm grumpy and semi-sarcastic. I just needed to write

Thursday, February 12, 2004

So, it's valentines day, kinda, in this vicinty of my four day weekend its valentines day. the day some guy got his head seperated from his neck, and whos last name was valentine. And lil' children get an entire half day of their learnings to pass out dated pictures of steve young, saying " im throwing you the ball of love", or something. i remember staying up late sometimes making sure i remebered everyone in my class, and made sure i gave the right ones to the guys and to the girls, and the non-flirtatcious ones to ugly girls and melvins, such as myself. I would make a shoe box with pictures and crap on it, and wait during the pass-out time for the girls i liked to place in my carefully constructed valentines holder some folded picture of some cartoon charchter, with their name quickly scribbled on it. then id eat the candy and, and feel extremely happy that i didnt have any redumentry arthrimatic to do. and this is what we call a holiday. not much has changed, yesterday for two bucks you could by a carnation and have a message attached, a hopeless cause for those looking to pick someone up, and a 'cute' gift from your significant other, or just for a freind. i didnt have two bucks.

Heres a valentines song for you: Yeah Yeah Yeahs' maps

Monday, February 09, 2004


Saturday, February 07, 2004

didnt qualify... : ( ...ensemble "english made simple" got a special recogniton, whatever that means, oh well.


Had state speech today. My improv group got all I's, are scenario was "teaching someone to read", it went well considering it came right out of nowhere, in fact we did really well. i hope we go to all-state, not the insurance, the where you showcase..stuff.

Friday, February 06, 2004

You're obviously intoxicated

I constructed a formula to win every argument, based loosely of losing them to a friend

the steps:
1. Make whatever argument to the current subject at hand, lets say: paying taxes for public schools, and you say you shouldn't have to because your at a private school
2. Your opponent rebuttals with: "you don't use the fire department, should you not pay for them?"
3. Counter with: "firemen are good..", then when your opponent tries to speak again, yell "Shut up! Your wrong and you know it, you wont even let me finish"
4. Your opponent will try to tell you his argument and why its justified, in turn, you describe your argument, and describe it as the exact same thing they just said, like 'of course you should pay taxes for things you don't use'
5. You opponent being confuse will say "I just said that"
6. Reply with: "no, you said something wrong"

Thursday, February 05, 2004

"what do you know about dicken's books?" "..they suck"

occasionally after 3:10 dismissal I find a slew of girls and their shitty boom-box popping a move or wiping their shoulders of non-existent dirt. It's a culture I am openly ignorant to, but they, being white female iowans, are essentially equal in this respect. Now people can do and listen to whatever they want for all I care, and as it seems, as anyone else could care. I am not one to place should-be moral values on arbitrary cultural annoyances, but I feel completely devoid of any attraction to the above-said, and I feel as though this thought is some kind of mutation to the steady stream of assimilation with current radio-played music. In fact I recall a myriad of times in study hall when my copies of the posies, or john coltrane, death cab for cutie, or uncle tupelo have been pointed to with a look of confusion and condescension, and the words 'what's this?'. Part of the contempt twoards these tastes could be my own loud mouth, running off thoughts without thinking about the impact of saying them. but even so, the mortal sin of enjoying whatever music is an undescirable presence. you dont win pointless, unavoidable music arguments when your opponet starts of 'this sucks'. but i cant shut up about it, about the stupid, strange, un-heard of stuff i listen to to get attention, or be a non-conformist through. assmilation is a joy and a pain, and i'll never get it right.

Monday, February 02, 2004

thanks to my bro's friend's site for giving me the idea, actually i totally ripped him off..but oh well, imma gonna start doing this for some kind of weekly comic
I too, enjoy the sandwich

Snow day: A Recap

5:15 am: awoken to the two most awsomest words: "schools canceled", fall back asleep
10:00 am: look out side and see the same amount of snow that was out previoulsly, freak out and begin to wonder if I missed school, log on AIM and make sure
11:00 am: breakfast, 4 Egos and syrup
11:15 am: kill Nazis.
12:00 xm: lunchtime, make "johns super fantastic special extra awesome lunch", consisting of two turkey sandwiches with mayo, some squirt, lays potato chips, and Minnesota Vikings French Onion Dip. ponder upon where to eat, up stairs or down stairs.
12:30 pm: choose downstairs
12:31 pm: turn on comedy central and watch a sub-par,recycled, 'stuart' sketch on mad tv.
1:00 pm:try to get DoD for halflife, but i dont have 87$ to become a member of a file-sharing network that i won't ever use.
1:15 pm: read about how i can salvage the 1.6 patch, reboot computer to the words "[something] disk error", can't figure out problem 'till i eject some dated tax floppy dad was using.
2:00 pm: 1.6 patch makes game run smoother, kinda, so i subsequently kill more nazis, imperial japanese, and brits.
2:30 pm: go to majicistan to visit rum-tum, the magical lion, who takes me on his super-canooooo throughout the razzleberry rainforest. Kareem Abdul-Jahbar helps us on some wacky adventures to save the enchanted dew-beetles.
3:00 pm: stop daydreaming
3:30 pm: kill nazi's
5:something pm: get on the internet, my blog and others people blogs arent loading..get pissed, decide that making a post might do something to help this
I once had a case of blue balls for two days

I missed halftime last night. I was on my way to Kraytens after leaving a party at the begining of the show. I guess Janet 'my brother like boys' Jackson had a boob pop out when J-tizzle(he's blackified now) ripped her dress in a 'planned move'. WTF? he ripped the cover to her right boob off, for chrissakes. I'm Still waiting for pictures to be released.. :(. I did see the exiciting fourth quarter, and was most pleased with its outcome, i thought for sure Foxhole-Norman(Vin-Vin) was going to miss that field goal again. and...OH! today is an effing snow day! thats right so im going to do jack shit the next 12 hours, w00t!(someone tell me what that means).

i dont have a funny picture to post, so deal with it.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

"now all my freinds are famous"

im currently ranked 27th on the caption boards at being famous,yay?
Idlewild is a Scottish band, thus, they are awesome

je-zeus, blogging is difficult, i've joined about 8,230,538,092,359,002 sites to keep up with stuff.

but enough about pointless exaggeration

while downloading patch v1.6 for Battlefield 1942, which gave me a new level,the Canadian army, and forced me like a nazi to download punkbuster vote-kick software...and lagged everything, and most games freeze..and there is huge ping spikes...and they call it a patch? anyways, while downloading above-said bullshit, i stumbled upon a new game, with screen and vids that gave my special purpose a tingle, Battlefield Vietnam, looks to blow up and overload and subsequently destroy every normal persons computer, but thats the point, right? the game will also feature all those hypnotic acid-rock protest songs from Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket. It's been my life long dream to sit in a chopper with my bandanna and an M-60, pumping round after round into the reds, go Kennedy and LBJ and Nixon!