Wednesday, January 28, 2004

You may have noticed I have a bush-cheney news update side bar dealey, I assume that this means that you think I am a bush backer, maybe this is true(actually, you can just look at my previous posts to see my stupid political thoughts, and arguing about things while mixing different theories/arguments). regardless, I will allow people to believe that this side bar is for ironies sake, whereas others may see it as the opposite, you be the judge.

I was going to put a picture detailing clearly the mathematic and physic equations of the East Side Boy's song, 'Get Low', yet I am unsure as to whether or not my image hosting company would allow it, as it may be offense to women and obnoxious idiots with gold-fronts. Thus I might betray my motto/URL 'going out on a limb'. But what they hey. I really want to make fun of that song that has no actuall sentences that make logical sense. We'll see, you can still check out the incredibly stupid lyricshere


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