Monday, January 26, 2004

So, Creighton, know also as 'cr80n' or as i refer to him, 'krayten', was telling me and Tony('Glasses') about this movie, the butterfly effect, staring Ashton Kootcher. A little history: ashton kootcher went to Clear Creek Amana high school, a high-school out in the boonies, about 20 minutes from where i live. Based on rumors i heard from people who know people whose older siblings went to school with him, he was an asshole, but those are just rumors.
Anyways, i told them i read a review in the WSJ about how it sucked, i added that it was a fairly literate review. They told me WSJ was just a bunch of fat rich guys and about wall street. So i say that it seems like rip off of donnie darko (even though I've only seen the last 40 minutes of that movie), to which krayten tells me that it has nothing to do with time travel, that Mr. Kootcher has dreams about his childhood and then chooses what he would rather have happen and then which i protested that its still a form of time travel, then he said something about me watching 'kraut' movies or something. Regardless, im going to go watch the bad acting by amy smart and the cool fat guy from remember the titans, hoping that at the end, maybe Kootcher will tell me i got Punk'ded.

Also, i learned an interesting science lesson last night about how an apache helicopters gun totally blasts the shit out of people, and saw a video from an inferred camera in the apache, showing some Iraqi soldiers guts spurt out all over the place in fuzzy white and green texture.


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