Saturday, January 31, 2004

I'm using titles now

last night i watched Fight Club with a handfull of total assholes....JAY KAY! but i did watch Fight Club, and it was my first time seeing the thing from start to finish, i was extremely impressed, its going to go up there with my other favorite movies of all time, which i would list in a top ten/5ive/87, but i can't in this case. So in chronilogical order of when i saw them:

My Neighbor Totoro
The Matrix
Princess Mononoke
Lost In Translation
Punch Drunk Love
Thin Red Line
Fight Club
Spirited Away

woah, i just realized that half of those are anime, and 3/4ths of those 4 that i guess arent really half of the list...ahem...are directed by Miyazaki, who, is awesome. I watch spirited away this morning the whole way through, and thats why its after fight club. there is bunches of movies i cant really say are really the greatest i've ever seen, so here are some that are definetly cool. in a list:

1.Hard Boiled
2.Bottle Rocket
3.The Castle of Cagliastro
5.Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels


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