Friday, January 23, 2004

im a political bastard, the greeks were right when they said no one should learn about polotics or philosophy until they are over 18. too often i get ahead of myself, i also dont read enough either, i have D'souza books and copies of Dad's: New Republic,Believer, The Philosophy Magazine, and the weekly standard laying around. The only thing i do get around to reading are Mojo and DIW, so im convincing myself that music reviews can be higher learning too, why not? a life without music would be pointless. i wish i was in government, but schools learned from the greeks and made that a senior class. im going to finish the folowing books, i swear:

1.Kobo Abe- The Box Man
2.Dinesh D'souza- What's so Great About America?
3.Haruki Murakami- A Wild Sheep Chase
4.Introducing Nietzche- Laurence Cane

it's Battlefield 1942's fault, damn new-fangled game machines..


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