Monday, January 19, 2004

i now have a picture for a title, which is cool. it is weird, granted, but i think its cool. basically im still trying to how to encompass all i want into this tiny, confusing space, but i think i will manage.

anyways, i had a crazy boat-load of stuff to do, but i managed to watch that new mtv show, 'boiling points'. its just people with hidden cameras annoying people, then giving them money if they 'keep cool' i give it a thumbs up, i like all hidden camera shows, and this one was very cool and neato. espcially how people react, and go ape-shit.

music-wise, everyone should check out this band called 'the unicorns'..its crazy stuff, i mean, just look at the album cover. their from go figure. its wierd music but i like it alot, infact its one of my top ten albums of the year (which will be up here shortly'.


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