Saturday, January 31, 2004

I'm using titles now

last night i watched Fight Club with a handfull of total assholes....JAY KAY! but i did watch Fight Club, and it was my first time seeing the thing from start to finish, i was extremely impressed, its going to go up there with my other favorite movies of all time, which i would list in a top ten/5ive/87, but i can't in this case. So in chronilogical order of when i saw them:

My Neighbor Totoro
The Matrix
Princess Mononoke
Lost In Translation
Punch Drunk Love
Thin Red Line
Fight Club
Spirited Away

woah, i just realized that half of those are anime, and 3/4ths of those 4 that i guess arent really half of the list...ahem...are directed by Miyazaki, who, is awesome. I watch spirited away this morning the whole way through, and thats why its after fight club. there is bunches of movies i cant really say are really the greatest i've ever seen, so here are some that are definetly cool. in a list:

1.Hard Boiled
2.Bottle Rocket
3.The Castle of Cagliastro
5.Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels

Friday, January 30, 2004

I recently became a member of being famous , a site with shit loads to-do, and lots of funny movies. also it holds the new sensastion that is sweeping the nation, video away messages. anyways, you get to write captions to pictures, fun stuff! check it out! today is friday! i had to manny snapples! i know card tricks!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

You may have noticed I have a bush-cheney news update side bar dealey, I assume that this means that you think I am a bush backer, maybe this is true(actually, you can just look at my previous posts to see my stupid political thoughts, and arguing about things while mixing different theories/arguments). regardless, I will allow people to believe that this side bar is for ironies sake, whereas others may see it as the opposite, you be the judge.

I was going to put a picture detailing clearly the mathematic and physic equations of the East Side Boy's song, 'Get Low', yet I am unsure as to whether or not my image hosting company would allow it, as it may be offense to women and obnoxious idiots with gold-fronts. Thus I might betray my motto/URL 'going out on a limb'. But what they hey. I really want to make fun of that song that has no actuall sentences that make logical sense. We'll see, you can still check out the incredibly stupid lyricshere

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

'hoby ship', i said trying to blaspheme with hit cookies in my mouth, after being led to this sight last nite. its hillarious!!! its the kind of comedy that makes no sense. anywhatsit, i i have nothing else to write.

Oh yeah! im thinking with my proudness of my ashton kutcher cartoon that i will start posting some kind of weekly internet comic in here, but im short on ideas and time...

Monday, January 26, 2004

So, Creighton, know also as 'cr80n' or as i refer to him, 'krayten', was telling me and Tony('Glasses') about this movie, the butterfly effect, staring Ashton Kootcher. A little history: ashton kootcher went to Clear Creek Amana high school, a high-school out in the boonies, about 20 minutes from where i live. Based on rumors i heard from people who know people whose older siblings went to school with him, he was an asshole, but those are just rumors.
Anyways, i told them i read a review in the WSJ about how it sucked, i added that it was a fairly literate review. They told me WSJ was just a bunch of fat rich guys and about wall street. So i say that it seems like rip off of donnie darko (even though I've only seen the last 40 minutes of that movie), to which krayten tells me that it has nothing to do with time travel, that Mr. Kootcher has dreams about his childhood and then chooses what he would rather have happen and then which i protested that its still a form of time travel, then he said something about me watching 'kraut' movies or something. Regardless, im going to go watch the bad acting by amy smart and the cool fat guy from remember the titans, hoping that at the end, maybe Kootcher will tell me i got Punk'ded.

Also, i learned an interesting science lesson last night about how an apache helicopters gun totally blasts the shit out of people, and saw a video from an inferred camera in the apache, showing some Iraqi soldiers guts spurt out all over the place in fuzzy white and green texture.

Friday, January 23, 2004

im a political bastard, the greeks were right when they said no one should learn about polotics or philosophy until they are over 18. too often i get ahead of myself, i also dont read enough either, i have D'souza books and copies of Dad's: New Republic,Believer, The Philosophy Magazine, and the weekly standard laying around. The only thing i do get around to reading are Mojo and DIW, so im convincing myself that music reviews can be higher learning too, why not? a life without music would be pointless. i wish i was in government, but schools learned from the greeks and made that a senior class. im going to finish the folowing books, i swear:

1.Kobo Abe- The Box Man
2.Dinesh D'souza- What's so Great About America?
3.Haruki Murakami- A Wild Sheep Chase
4.Introducing Nietzche- Laurence Cane

it's Battlefield 1942's fault, damn new-fangled game machines..

Thursday, January 22, 2004

here it is, long over-due, album[s] of the year:

1.The Unicorns- Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?
this album kicked the shit out of me, with oddly up-beat songs about death and ghosts, boasting lyrics like "i lift weights but i don't sweat/ i jump in the pool, but i don't get wet". mixing drum machines with real drums, and a synthesized melodies with raw guitars... only Canadians.

2.Beck-Sea Change
just an awesome album, great song writing and not as flamboyant and un-accessible as his last album, and much better then any previous other work.

3.Death Cab For Cutie- Transatlanticism
The best album from my favorite band, blends generic and moods, with kick-ass lyrics and composition to boot. boasts the simple, but great percussion.

4.Radiohead-Hail to the Thief
More melodic and way more dense then the previous two 'linked' albums, Kid A and Amnesiac. The lyrics are 'back', and in full force, very un-appreciated for its emotion, of which it has shit-loads. a work that can easily rival the brilliance of their best work,'The Bends'.

5.The Postal Service-Give Up
A side project of Ben Gibbard, from Death Cab For Cutie, the song writing is a lot similar, but he worked via mail with Dntel, who supplied the electronically generated melodies, more emotional then one would expect in this kind of album.

Monday, January 19, 2004

i now have a picture for a title, which is cool. it is weird, granted, but i think its cool. basically im still trying to how to encompass all i want into this tiny, confusing space, but i think i will manage.

anyways, i had a crazy boat-load of stuff to do, but i managed to watch that new mtv show, 'boiling points'. its just people with hidden cameras annoying people, then giving them money if they 'keep cool' i give it a thumbs up, i like all hidden camera shows, and this one was very cool and neato. espcially how people react, and go ape-shit.

music-wise, everyone should check out this band called 'the unicorns'..its crazy stuff, i mean, just look at the album cover. their from go figure. its wierd music but i like it alot, infact its one of my top ten albums of the year (which will be up here shortly'.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

New discovery:
straight from holland, or belgium, or sweeden, or french polynesia..the hit cookie! sure you say, its only a stupid oreo rip off. but no, the cookie itself is more of a cracker then a cookie, has the substance of a cracker, but tastes like a cookie!!
buy some for yourself here

also in the news:

we all know that most liberals proclaim their acceptance of different races, cultures, religons..etc. but for some reason, these ideas get muddled for me. like take for example, how the french government is banning traditional headwear for muslim women from their schools, also banned from schools are jewish yarmulkas. Even stranger is that this is headed by Jacques Chirac, the president who very much opposed our entry into Iraq, on the basis that it was against U.N regulations, yet he also spoke out on what it would do to the muslims, saying in an interview before the war ,"Our responsibility is to look after the stability of the Middle east. With the Iraqi crisis, it is the whole region which is threatened."

oh well